How to Save Snapchat Video on Android and iPhone

Find out how to save Snapchat video someone sent you with caption. This trick also work to save the video from Snapchat story. There are different ways in saving Snapchat video on Android and iPhone or iOS.

Sometimes you want to save an embarrassing video of your friend on Snapchat who thinks no one would see it again because as we know, Snapchat will remove the content after it opened for a while. To save Snapchat picture is a lot easier, you just have to take the screenshot, then how about to save a Snapchat video? Well, this takes a bit of effort, especially for the iPhone and iOS users, but were still able to do.

How to Save Snapchat Video on Android

The only way to save Snapchat video on Android is of course by record the screen. There are many screen recording apps for Android, most of them require your phone to be rooted, but not with AZ Screen Recorder, you don’t need to root your phone, just launch the app to record your Android screen. AZ Screen Recorder is available free on Google Play Store, just search there and install it.

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How to Save Snapchat Video for Android

Once you launch AZ Screen Recorder, launch your Snapchat app and open one of the unopened Snapchat video. When it finished, drag down from the top of your screen and stop recording. The recorded video will be saved to your phone storage, you can trim or cut it with other video editor app if you want, to make it shorter by not including some unnecessary part.

How to Save Snapchat Video on iPhone and iOS

Unlike Android, you cannot record your iPhone screen because of security issue from Apple itself. Some people can do this by jail breaking it which is too risk and can cause a problem to your iPhone. But there is still a way to save Snapchat video on iPhone and iOS.

Well the concept is still the same, record the screen to save the snapchat video, but we are not gonna record the screen from your iPhone device. You’re gonna need a Mac computer or laptop running OS X Yosemite or later, and your iPhone or iPad must be running iOS 8 or later. A lightning cable is also required to connect your iPhone with the Mac computer or laptop.

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Once you connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac via the lightning cable, launch the QuickTime player, then click File, select ‘New Movie Recording’ on the taskbar.

How to Save Snapchat Video for iPhoneA recording window will appear, Click the little arrow of the drop down menu next to the record button, search your iPhone or iPad device there then select it. Select the Mic of your iPhone if you want to record music/sound effects.
How to Save Snapchat Video for iPhone and iOS using quicktime player
Click the Record button and then launch Snapchat app from your iPhone, you can’t control your iPhone from the Mac desktop here. Once done tap the stop button and save the video.

By doing this, you can save money because actually there is a feature to replay Snapchat stories, but you have to pay for it. If you can do it for free and maybe legal, then why bother to spend money on it, besides you can save the video forever.

If you are still having trouble in saving Snapchat video on Android and iPhone, or maybe you have another methods, please share with us.

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