How to Send Unlimited Text Messages on Snapchat

How to Send Unlimited Text Messages on SnapchatSnapchat has a text box facility that allows users to send a message with 31 characters limitation. By using the following trick, you can send a message without limitation characters.

The idea is by using a workaround and the copy and paste tool on iPhone, users can give themselves the option to write endlessly.

To perform this trick, go to Notes tool on iOS. Press the back button several times so that you have four or five lines of the message blank. Then highlight it, press copy, and back to Snapchat. If you insert a blank line in a text box, you will be able to write many lines as you want.

There are several flaws in this trick, that you have to manually move the cursor to the top to be able to type, and do the same thing to see the message. But, until the workaround is fixed, it’s the only way to get more than the 31 characters that Snapchat tries to limit you to.

This trick can only be used on IOS devices. To do the same thing on android, you need to “root” your phone and hack a number of parts of Snapchat and other apps by changing the files required to run them, but this is not recommended, if you want to send long messages, try email.

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