How to tag or mention friends on Snapchat

Let your friend know what you are having on Snapchat Story by mentioning them. Find out how to mention or tag your friend on Snapchat Stories.

In its latest update, Snapchat includes the latest features that users may have been waiting for. Yes, Snapchat now allows you to mention or tag friends on Snapchat Stories. In addition to your friends, you can also tag or mention the account that you follow when you publish a photo or video on your Snapchat Story, here is how to do it:

How to tag or mention friends on Snapchat
  • Update your Snapchat app to the latest version. Go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store to get the updates.
  • Launch your Snapchat app and take a quick Snap, it could be a picture or video.
  • Tap the vertical menu in the upper right of the screen, and select the “T” symbol to add some text.
  • Tap the “@” symbol that appears in the right above your keyboard in the very left.
  • When it’s selected, the background icon will go white. When it’s deselected, it will be gray.
  • Now you can manually enter your friend’s Snapchat username, or scroll through and select a friend from a list of recent Snap contacts.
  • You can customize the way you tag your friend, you can change the font, size, or color before you position it on your Snap screen.
  • Tap Done when you’re finished and ready to post or send your Snap and let your friends know about it.
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What happens when you tag someone on Snapchat?

Of course they will find out, your friends will get a notification that you have mentioned them on your Snapchat Story. If you mention someone who is not yet your friend, then they will also be notified and can swipe up and add you or view any public stories that you’ve posted. Tagging followed account is a great way to get notified by them.

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So that is how to tag or mention someone on Snapchat and what will happen if someone is tagged or mentioned. Don’t forget to let your friends know about this new feature, but don’t too often in tagging followed accounts that are not yet your friends because that might make them less comfortable with you.

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