how to update snapchat on kindle fire

Basically snapchat available for ios and android. Kindle Fire using the Android OS, so snapchat can be used in fire, but the Amazon Appstore as a software center for the Kindle Fire has not provided Snapchat. To install Snapchat The Kindle Fire can use sideloading way that you can read here.

To install the application using sideloading way, the apps can’t update normally like any other normal preosess app installed via the Amazon Appstore, so as to update snapchat on kindle fire, you have to do it manually as follows.

Download Google Play Service APK here. Make this version of google play services a system app, and then create a folder called: “” in your data/ app folder on your kindle. By doing this, it will prevents the new updates automatically. Don’t forget to turn off your wifi or data package when doing this step.

how to update snapchat on kindle fire

How to update snapchat on kindle fire

  1. Unlock your Kindle Fire HD. Drag down the notification tray by swiping from the top of the screen down.
  2. Tap “More,” choose “Devices” and switch “Allow Installation of Application From Unknown Sources” to the “On” position.
  3. Download the Snapchat APK file to your computer (see link in Resources).
  4. Install a file manager app on your Kindle Fire HD, if you don’t already have one. Use the Amazon Appstore to select a file manager (see link in Resources). Some options are “ES File Explorer,” “File Manager” and “Android File Manager.”
  5. Connect your Kindle Fire HD to your computer with a USB cable. Wait for your computer to recognize the Kindle, then copy the Snapchat APK to the Kindle. Once the file has finished copying, disconnect the Kindle from your computer.
  6. Launch your file manager on the Kindle Fire HD. Find the Snapchat file you transferred and open it. The Kindle will ask you if you want to install the app. Confirm your selection and Snapchat will be installed on your Kindle.

Update snapchat on kindle fire with sideloaded apps is not as practical as installing from Amazon Appstore or Google Play Store, the applications installed will not update automatically, so it must be done sideloaded.

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