How to Use Multiple Filters on Snapchat

Sometimes one is not enough, find out how to use multiple filters lens at once on Snapchat.

Some people still prefer to use filters on Snapchat to touch up their selfie picture even though there are many awesome Snapchat lens available for free like Batman vs Superman lens. There is still a lot you can do with Snapchat filter, have know that you can actually use two filters at once on Snapchat. Let’s find out how to do it.

How to Use Multiple Filters on Snapchat

The key is to know how to swipe. First, take a picture with your Snapchat app (this trick work for iPhone and Android). Swipe to left like you always do to apply a filter or the first filter. In the picture below, i choose the temperature filter.

how to use two filters at the same time on snapchat

To apply the second filter, press and hold anywhere on your picture with the first filter, and use your another finger to swipe left again to apply another filter.

How to Use Multiple Filters on Snapchat

One thing to note is, you can’t use two different text filters. You can’t use time and temperature filter at the same time. Simply try and error to finds out something new maybe we don’t discover yet. Right now, you can even add the third filter. Try to combine the text filter at the first, color filter at the second, and another text filter for the last one.

When you are done with the filters, you can still add a caption or drawing. In the latest update you can type a longer caption without any hack. Yes, Android users can write a longer caption too. To send your masterpiece, tap the arrow in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to send it to your friends or you can also add it to your stories.

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