How to use Search Tool for Snapchat Stories

Snapchat release a new feature that allows you to search for content on stories using specific keywords. Find out how to use it.

The New Search Tool is Snapchat’s answer to the pressure of Facebook innovation that implement Snapchat’s features such story in instagram, messenger, and Whatsapp.

This new feature allows you to submit snaps to public Our Stories which then can be searched and found by other Snapchat users. With the presence of this feature, Snapchat is no longer a private application because everyone now can easily find what you post in Stories. On the other hand, this feature is very helpful for those who just starting to use Snapchat to gain a wider audience.

How to get and use Search Tool for Snapchat Stories

Note: At this time, Stories in Seach already available in selected cities in the US, but it will not be long until this feature is released world wide.

To get Seach for Snapchat Stories, you may have to update your Snapchat app to the latest version. Go to Google Play Store or App Store to see if there is a new update available.

If you want to submit a snap to Search for Snapchat Stories, you must determine what you want to follow. Suppose you want to submit a snap about puppies, put the caption “puppies” on your Snap, and also make sure that the images you submit is puppies’s picture.

How to get and use Search for Snapchat Stories

Snapchat use a new algorithms to scan the caption text on your snap and visual elements that are found in your Snap. Snapchat can recognize an object in your Snap and group them by theme. When you submit a puppy image, Snapchat will recognize the shape of the puppy and put it in the “dog” category.

The content contained in the Search for Snapchat Stories can last more than 24 hours. Now, the life span of the content in Snapchat Stories are not restricted to 24 hours. As reported by techcrunch, a Snapchat spokesperson confirms that some Snaps submitted to Our Stories that appear in the new Search feature will be visible for less than a day to up to a few weeks or even months.

So that’s how to get and use Search Tool for Snapchat Stories. Once you know how this feature works, you can participate by submitting your Snaps to searchable Snapchat Stories.


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