How to use Snapchat Group Stories

Find out how to get and use Snapchat Group Stories. Now you and your group of friends on Snapchat can create the Stories together.

Snapchat released another awesome feature after the last update that allow you to create stories that can last more than 24 hours. In the fierce competition with Facebook and instagram, Snapchat announced a new feature that allows you to create Stories together with your friends on Snapchat, let’s find out how to use it.

How to use Snapchat Group Stories

How to create and use Snapchat Group Stories

  • Snapchat Group Stories available for both Android and iPhone, so make sure to check on Google Play Store and App Store to see if there is a new update available. You have to update your Snapchat app to get the latest feature from Snapchat.
  • Launch your Snapchat app and swipe to the Stories page. Create a new story by tapping the button on the top-right.
  • Give a name to your Snapchat Group Story, then you can invite your friends by their username.
  • Your friends will be able to contribute to the Group Stories you have created. You can also choose to invite only friends or “friends of friends” within a specific geographic area to contribute to your group story.
  • The Group Stories will be dissapear after 24 hours, unless everyone in the group keep posting to keep the Snapchat Group Stories alive.

Snapchat Group Stories suitable for special occasions such as weddings or celebrations. Usually we still want togetherness to continue. The users of the group stories must keep posting to keep the group alive. Group Stories provides an experience that is different from ordinary chat groups that only use text chat.

So that’s how to create and use Snapchat Group Stories. Let your friends know about it too so all of you can use this new feature from Snapchat.

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