How to use Snapchat Memories

Snapchat has a new feature called Snapchat Memories. Find out how to get Snapchat Memories and how to use it to save your Snapchat pictures and videos. Snapchat Memories available for iPhone and Android.

Snapchat is like read our minds, they always update their app with new features we want it for a long time. Although Snapchat’s essential and what make this app different from other social media app is to share the current moment, there are many who want to create a snap from the camera roll, from the picture taken in the past. Meanwhile we also want to keep the snaps we have made because it was too valuable to be lost in a few seconds or 24 hours if you post it to the story.

So here come Snapchat Memories, now you can save your snaps and upload them any time later.

How to use Snapchat Memories

According Snapchat’s change log on Play Store and iTunes, the feature will be available when the users receive a Chat from Team Snapchat informing you that Snapchat Memories is available. When the time come, you have to update your Snapchat app to get this new feature.

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To use Snapchat Memories, take a picture or video like you always did with your favorite filters and lens. Instead of post it to Story or send it to a friend, tap the Save icon like you normally would to download the snap to your camera roll or gallery, the snap will save to the Memories section.


how to use snapchat memories

To open your saved Snaps you save to Memories, swipe up the main screen:

how to get snapchat memories

There are many tabs on the Memories section, to find the snaps, you can search it with a keyword where the Snaps are taken like, but you can also search on a keyword, such as food.

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how to save story to snapchat memories

Tap and hold on the snap to open the options. You can move the snap to My Eyes Only where the snaps will available only for you. To view the snaps on this section you need to enter a passcode or passphrase.

how to move to eyes only from snapchat memories

To send the snap from Memories to your story, tap on Create Story from this Snap. You actually can combine different Stories into a longer narrative with this feature. If you create a Snap or Story from Memories you save more than a day ago, it will appear with a frame around to make it different from regular Snapchat post you create in real time.

The Snaps you saved on Memories will be stored on Snapchat’s server, so you can access them from other devices.

So, when you got a chat from Team Snapchat, make sure you already know how to use Snapchat Memories.


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