How to use Snapchat Pikachu filter

Snapchat teamed up with The Pokémon Company and released a Pikachu filter or lens for Snapchat app. Pokémon entered the world of Snapchat in the form of augmented reality filters with their superstar mascot that everyone loves, Pikachu. Let’s find out how to get and use Pikachu Snapchat filter or lens.

Pikachu (ピ カ チ ュ ウ) Is the main Pokémon of Ash Ketchum. This Pokémon is a kind of yellow colored pica and has the features of electric power and a cute voice. Maybe that’s what makes Pikachu often chased by Team Rocket because they think Pikachu is a special Pokémon.. Pikachu can be found in forests, fields and places of electrical power.

Who does not like Pikachu, If you were born in the 80s and live in a glorious 90s, surely you know Pokémon. How can you also forget how the Pokémon Go game that hit the world with its augmented reality technology. Now you can transform yourself into Pikachu in Snapchat, the adorable mascot of Pokémon.

How to use Snapchat Pikachu filter
Pikachu parade in Yokohama

How to get and use Snapchat Pikachu filter or lens

  • As always, you may need to update your Snapchat app to get all the latest features and bugs fix, even though the filters will be available automatically, but let’s just update it just to make sure.
  • Launch your Snapchat app and use the front facing camera, tap on your face to pop up the filters.
  • Pikachu filter will be in the first queue, tap on it.
  • The official Pikachu filter applies the electric mouse’s trademark rosy cheeks, pointy ears, black nose and big eyes to your face.
  • Open your mouth to summon the real Pikachu Followed by the lightnings. Pikachu will kiss you and running around makes those cute sounds.

Pikachu filter on Snapchat may only be available for a limited time, so you better use your Snapchat app to turn yourself into Ash’s best friend right away. If the Pikachu Snapchat filter can reach the lofty heights of Dancing Hot Dogs, it’s possible they’ll make it a permanent filer just like the Dancing Hot Dogs.

So that’s how to get and use Pikachu Snapchat filter, use this filter and send it to your Stories, your friends, or Our Stories to appear on the Snap Map and spread Pikachu virus to your friends.

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