How to use Snapchat to shop on Amazon

Snapchat announces collaboration with Amazon by releasing a new feature that allows you to search for items on Amazon by using the Snapchat app. Sounds interesting isn’t it? let’s find out how to use Snapchat app to shop for items on Amazon.

In the midst of very tight social media apps competition, Snapchat was always the first to do new innovations, before Instagram and other social media apps stole Snapchat’s ideas. Well, this time Snapchat is working with Amazon to launch a new feature on Snapchat app called Visual Search. Yes, As the name implies, you can search for items on Amazon by using Snapchat’s camera to take a visual image of a particular object or barcode.

how to use Snapchat app to shop on Amazon
image: Snap

For example: you find your friend using new shoes that are super cool, then you want the same shoes, but you are embarrassed to ask your friend where you can get the shoes. Using Snapchat’s Visual Search, you only need to take a picture of your friend’s shoes, then a pop up containing a description of the shoes will appear. Now, You can buy it directly on the Amazon app or Amazon web.

How to shop on Amazon using Snapchat app

For now, Snapchat’s Visual Search is only available for a small selection of users in the USA. If you are lucky, you might get this feature. But we are sure that this feature will be available globally in a short time.

  • Update or install Snapchat app to the latest version to know if you are lucky enough to try Visual Search.
  • This is optional, you can also install Amazon mobile app to your phone, so you can shop directly from Snapchat app to Amazon app.
  • Look for an item you want to buy, open your Snapchat app and point the Snapchat’s camera  to the item or the barcode of it.
  • Tap and hold for a sec until Snapchat recognize the item.
  • A card will appear in the Snapchat app that contains information from Amazon about the product you just took the picture.
  • Tap on the product to buy it on the Amazon app, or if you did not install Amazon app, you will be taken to the Amazon website.

Now you don’t have to exit the Snapchat app to buy items from Amazon. This is not the first time Amazon has partnered with Snapchat. Previously, Amazon gave exclusive promo codes called “Snap Offers”. The Snapchat users can use the promo code on Amazon to get discounts on particular products.

Snap opened their doors to more third-party additions in June, with the release of Snap Kit, a platform that allows developers to integrate their own applications into Snapchat. The new platform that has been used to let people send musical GIFs over Snapchat, but big companies like Tinder, Patreon and Postmates have also expressed interest in partnerships. Maybe this is the time Snapchat bounced back.

So that’s how to use Snapchat app to shop on Amazon. If you are lucky enough to get the feature, tell your friends how cool this feature is.

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