How to write long captions on Snapchat

Snapchat now allows you to write longer captions. No more tricks, hacks, or bypass. You can write more words and extend captions text whether you are using android or iPhone and iOS.

A day after the release of Chat 2.0 that provides improvement in the form of voice and video notes, Snapchat gave another update that has been eagerly awaited. Now you can write longer on your snaps. Previously you had to bypass or perform a little hack to write longer captions, but it only works on the iPhone. Now the iPhone or Android and iOS users can type more words on Snapchat.

How to write long captions on Snapchat for Android and iPhone

Actually all you have to do is update your Snapchat app to the latest version, or to be sure, just uninstall and then install again Snapchat app through Google Play or App Store to get the latest version of Snapchat.

The release of this update is at April 1st, but don’t worry, this not another april fools, it prooved by the tweet from @snapchatsupport

If you follow the replies from that tweet, a lot of users complains about the trouble after the update, but snapchatsupport seems to be quick to respond and help the complains. Well, maybe we should wait for a little while until they fix the bugs.

With this update, both Android and iPhone users can write longer caption, is that means the old trick is not work anymore? we haven’t try it. Previously iPhone users can write like unlimited text, but what is that for? the snap will be erased after a few seconds, if you want to write a novel, use Microsoft Word.

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