How to Write Longer on Snapchat

Snapchat restrict the characters that you can write, which is this restriction is too low at only 31 characters. Here is a hack how do you write more on snapchat. It will allow you to make long messages even a paragraph on Snapchat with multiple lines so the caption on your snaps will become longer than 31 characters.

How to Write Longer on Snapchat

Note: this trick only work on iPhone.

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How to write longer on snapchatLaunch Notes apps and tap on “return” multiple times. It will extend text box, so you can get more text on snapchat.
how to write more text on snapchatSelect the blank area that you have just create to expand text box on snapchat.


How Do You Type More on Snapchat

Paste the black space to the picture you want to snap. As you can see, the text box become much longer.

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How to Make Long Text on Snapchat


Now you can make longer message on your snaps. What you can do with longer text on snapchat? you can write a poetry that will only exist for a few second or whatever you like. Anyway like or share to your friends so they can also write longer text on snapchat.

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