How to zoom in on Snapchat with one hand

Now you can zoom in on Snapchat while taking a video with your iPhone’s camera. Follow the steps below to zoom in by using one hand, even one finger.

Previously, if you want to zoom in while taking a video, you need to use two hands to record and to pinch the screen to zoom in, which is very troublesome. Well, Snapchat answered this problem with this latest update. You only need to use one hand or finger to zoom in while taking a video. This new ability makes users take videos easily with the other hand can still remain active when using the front camera.

How to zoom in while taking video on Snapchat with one hand (finger)

How to zoom in on snapchat with one hand

For now, the feature only available for iPhone and iOS users, but don’t worry, we are pretty sure the dev team of Snapchat are working on Android app right now, it should be available for Android in few days. Well, if you are using iPhone or other iOS devices, go to your App Store to update your Snapchat app, the latest version is Snapchat Version . The change log says: * One-handed zoom — just drag your finger up and away from the capture button while recording!

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After your Snapchat app is updated, launch your Snapchat and take a video just like you always do. Tap and hold the shutter icon and then drag your finger up and away to zoom in, or down and towards the capture button to zoom out.

How to zoom in while taking video on Snapchat with one hand

Well, not many knows about it yet, some people still use two hands to zoom in. All you have to do is update your Snapchat app, but if you find out difficulties in updating or verify your Snapchat app and account, you can contact Snapchat’s Customer Service.

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Snapchat overtakes Twitter on US Android devices, previously Snapchat already beats instagram and facebook popularity among teens. After overtakes twitter, Snapchat could be the most popular social networking app. Snapchat will keep flying away leaving it competitors by keep updating their app with more awesome stuff like this.

Let your folks knows about this new update so they can zoom in while taking a video on Snapchat with only one hand.

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