Lewis Hamilton Snapchat Name and Videos

The F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton is on Snapchat. Find out what is his user name and the story he makes that lead him to be banned from using it in the F1 paddock.

Stubborn, rebel, and a little self-centered is the general nature of the newcomers that directly shine on the world of sports. In the F1 race, we have Lewis Hamilton who always acting up recently by using Snapchat. What did he uploaded on Snapchat that makes him banned from using the app. More importantly, what is Lewis Hamilton Snapchat name?

Lewis Hamilton Snapchat Name and VideosPhoto credit: Lars Baron/Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton Snapchat Name and Videos

Lewis Hamilton announced his new Snapchat account on his twitter, simply scan the QR code or add by his user name: lewishamilton.

There is nothing wrong with superstars posting their daily activities on their social media accounts, that’s how they communicate and appreciate the fans. But there is also a limitation on which content you are allowed to share. Lewis Hamilton is banned from using Snapchat in the F1 paddock area because of the rule that you have to pay to record a video in the paddock area. TV Stations pays a lot of money to Ecclestone for this. So it is unethical when Lewis Hamilton wandering around with his iPhone to a make Snapchat videos for his fans for free in the F1 paddock area. We try to look for the videos he creates in the paddock but looks like it’s being banned everywhere, what we got is a compilation of his swag life Snapchat video outside his F1 world, he looks more like a hip hop star than a F1 champion.

Damn, that makes me want to be a superstar too with all the money and girls.

Well, It’s not the first time Hamilton’s Snapchat posts have landed him in hot water, he was the subject of a police investigation in New Zealand last month when he used his mobile phone to film himself while driving a motorbike on a motorway.

That is very not cool, as a F1 driver, Hamilton should know about the safety and rules in driving vehicle.

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