LifeStage, another Snapchat-like app from Facebook

To compensate Snapchat’ progress that too quickly become popular, after releasing Instagram stories that mimic Snapchat stories, Facebook released a video based app that has the same functionality with several features of Snapchat. LifeStage comes with features that similar to Snapchat, but unlike Snapchat Story, the content will not be lost within 24 hours. This app available on the App Store and can only be used for teenagers under 21 years old.

Snapchat bringing a new era of social media where communication is no longer using the text, but directly face to face via video, be it video calling or video messaging. This kind of features attract teens to migrate from facebook to Snapchat. According to, Snapchat is the fastest-growing social network, and its user base in the U.S. is expected to increase by nearly 30% in 2016 reaching almost 60 million users, and may soon surpass Twitter’s user base.

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Lifestage is designed by a 19-year-old product manager, is Facebook’s most recent effort to woo teen users. To retain their teenagers users, Facebook have tried to make similar applications to Snapchat but they have failed, have you ever heard of Slingshot and Poke apps?

What LifeStage offers to Facebook users?

LifeStage another Snapchat-like app from Facebook

To use this app, you need to have a facebook account. You have to be under 21 years old to use this app, but you can always fake your age because they can verify how old you are. You have to upload a profile video, instead of a photo. For taking video, you have to hold the screen. And when it’s time to check out friends’ profiles, there’s an organized list and emoticons that appear next to each name.

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After taking a video, you can add a picture frame-like design on top. You can also take videos that fall into other categories such as Likes, Dislikes, Music and Books. You can’t send message to your friends. To see what your friends share, you have to go to their profile.

Is this application able to compete with Snapchat? You can try it for yourself, but Lifestage only available on the Apple App Store, may soon be released in the Play Store as well.

If you have tried LifeStage, please let us know how you feel about it, compared to Snapchat.

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