New Faces on Snapchat

The recent updates of snapchat including new faces or smiley face that will show up next to your frinds’s avatar on your contact list. Each of them has their own meaning. Read also What do the emojis next to Snapchat contacts means?

New Faces on Snapchat


What Does a Grimace or Grit Teeth Emoji Mean on Snapchat Best Friends
The grimace face


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New Faces on Snapchat | Smiley Face
Smiley Face


Sunglasses Face | new faces on snapchat
Sunglasses Face


Smirk Face | New Faces on Snapchat
Smirk Face

So, what kind of faces that your friends got on your snapchat’s friends list according to this New Faces on Snapchat, update your snapchat apps and find out by yourself.

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