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How to fix Snapchat could not refresh 3

Snapchat could not refresh

Does Your Snapchat keeps saying could not refresh , please try again when you run the app to sending snaps, open up a message, or stories? Find out how to fix Snapchat could not...

Snapchat redesign will be more user friendly 0

Snapchat redesign

Snap, inc will redesign Snapchat app to attract a wider audience. All this time Snapchat app is considered difficult to use for some people. As a result of slowing user growth, Snapchat feels the...

How to use Stranger Things 2 Snapchat Filter 0

Stranger Things 2 Snapchat Filter

Netflix create Snapchat world lens to promote Stranger Things season 2. Feel excited for Stanger Things Season 2? Well, to celebrate the premiere, you can try to walk into the Upside Down version of...