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Snapchatting from underwater using SeaSeekers 0

Snapchatting from underwater using SeaSeekers

Now there is a Dive Mask with direct connection to Snapchat. A shipping company, Royal Caribbean designs Dive Mask called SeaSeekers. This Dive Mask utilizing Snapchat’s Spectacles to connect directly to Snapchat. By using...


What does clear cache on Snapchat mean

When go down to the Snapchat app’s settings and find a feature called Clear Cache which there are still other options such as Clear Stories Cache, Clear Browser Cache, Clear Memories Cache, and Clear...

how to use snapchat geofilters 0

How to use Snapchat geofilters

Find out how to use Snapchat geofilters on android and iPhone. Geofilters on Snapchat is some kind of stickers or filters that represent a location or city. Geofilters is a fun way to tell...