Snapchat Bald Head Filter

Yes, there is a bald filter on Snapchat. You can virtually shave your head using this Snapchat filter or lens. Find out how to get and use the Snapchat bald head filter. Have you recently found your friends going bald on Snapchat stories or other social media feeds? Don’t be immediately taken aback because they … Read more

Snapchat Stuck on Sending

Does your Snapchat message not send right away and keep saying it sending? Let’s find out what to do when Snapchat is stuck on sending. The Snapchat message can be important to someone at a certain moment so it needs to be sent immediately. But what happens when the snaps won’t send, it keep says … Read more

Disney Dog Snapchat Filter

Find out how to get and use the Snapchat Disney dog filter. Turn your dog to look like a Disney character with those big doe eyes. Actually, this filter is not affiliated with Disney. Snapchat didn’t cooperate with Disney to launch this filter, it can even be applied to any animal or face. Again, Snapchat … Read more

What does PMOYS mean on Snapchat

What does PMOYS mean on Snapchat, ideas, and example

Find out what does PMOYS mean on Snapchat. We will just tell you, PMOYS on Snapchat means Put Me On Your Story or Put Me On Your Snapchat. Next, we will explain why people use PMOYS, usage examples, and ideas. Why people using PMOYS on Snapchat? Popularity, recognition from others, maybe that is the reason … Read more