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how to erase snapchat message 66

How to erase snapchat message

How to delete Snapchat message you accidentally sent to unwanted person before they or someone opens it, is it even possible to delete conversation on Snapchat when the messages have not been seen? Carelessness...

How to use snapkidz: snapchat sign up for kids under 13 17

Snapkidz: a safe snapchat app for kids

Many parents are worried, is snapchat okay for kids, is snapchat appropriate for kids. Then my answer is NO, do not ever let your kids sign up on snapchat without your supervision. However snapchat...

How to get more friends or followers on snapchat 33

How to get more friends or followers on snapchat

You do not have friends in snapchat? with tips that I will present in this article, you will be able to gain more followers and friends on snapchat. Why you should be famous in...