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best snapchat drawing geeohsnap 1

Best and Awesome Snapchat Drawings

Snapchat not fitted with awesome filters to process images like instagram. Snapchat only have a boring tools to draw like ms paint. With these limitations, it makes some users snapchat to be creative. Here...

Cool QR Codes Style From Snapchat 2

Cool QR Codes Style From Snapchat

“Only Snapchat could make QR codes cool”. If you watch HBO’s Silicon Valley, you might be familiar with that quote. It’s funny because finally Snapchat make it real with their new feature called Snaptags....


Snapchat Download and Install for Blackberry

There are alternative way that you can use Snapchat on Blackberry 10. We know that there is currently no official client snapchat application for Blackberry users. For a while you could use the following...