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How to get Snapchat Charms 1

Snapchat Charms

Snapchat released a new feature called Charms. Snapchat Charms helps you to keep track of your virtual relationships with your friends. Let’s find out everything about Snapchat Charms. After releasing Friendship Profiles, Snapchat has...

How to increase Snapchat score faster 0

Increase Snapchat score faster

Find out how to increase Snapchat scores faster than ever. The following is the most logical and scientific way to improve your Snapchat score whether it’s on an iPhone or Android. Snapchat score is...

How to create Snapchat Year End Story 0

Snapchat Year End Story

Find out how to get and create Snapchat Year End Story 2018. At the end of the year, Snapchat released Year End Story, a feature that can display a review of all snaps that...

How to use Snapchat Friendship Profiles 1

Snapchat Friendship Profiles

napchat Snapchat released Friendship Profiles and several other features such as Bitmoji Stories, and also Bitmoji Merchandise. Let’s find out how to use Snapchat Friendship Profiles, create Bitmoji Stories, and also how to get...

Snapchat Spectacles Charger 0

Snapchat Spectacles Charger

Snap has released Spectacles version 2, but there are few have questions or issues regarding the Snapchat Spectacles charger. Here we will discuss everything about Spectacles Charger, like do spectacles come charged? How long...

How to get and use Snapchat Desktop App for Windows PC and Mac 0

Snapchat Desktop App for Windows and Mac

Snapchat released official desktop app for Windows and MAC. Yes, absolutely you can now use Snapchat Lenses or filters on Windows PC and Mac. Find out how to get and use Snapchat desktop on PC and MAC.

How to use Snapchat Cats Filters 0

Snapchat Cats Filters

As we know, the cats have ruled the internet, this time they are invading Snapchat app. Let’s find out how to use Snapchat Filters for cats. Now you can invite your cat to take...