Pedophile posed as teenage girl on snapchat to trap boys

Ryan Lee, 19-year-old teenage who came from Willesborough, Kent was sentenced to prison for 5 years for posing as a teenage girl to lure boys to send indecent photos. At last February, Lee was arrested on suspicion of keeping indecent pictures of kids by approaching the boys through snapchat and convince them to send him indecent pictures, but at the time the case not yet submitted to the court as it waits for further investigation.


Being in bail apparently did not stop Lee, he returned to continue his action to other children by approach them through snapchat and posing as a girl named Amber’. Later, a 14 years old boy refused his request and told his parents about this suspicious girl named Amber. Another 12-year-old boy accepted a friend request on snapchat from Amber and then this fake account sent a message asking him to send a snap picture of him in underwear, but the boy refused.

If you are a parent, you should keep an eye on your children’s activities in the use of smartphones and the internet. But that does not mean to not give the slightest room for privacy. Give knowledge to the children about manners in socializing on the internet, because just like in the real world, to communicate on the internet should also follow the norm and vigilance. You are not allowing your child to talk to a stranger who offering candy, this also applies on the internet.

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Internet world is filled with people with a variety of characters that you would not believe that peoples like that (creeps) really exist around us. Pedophiles and other maniacs could be using social media like Facebook or other chat applications messager in order to search for victims.

Teens currently being infatuated with snapchat app that available for the iPhone and Android. Unlike other social media that stores the “documentation” which be in the form of images or video permanently, snapchat provide self-destruct message feature. The message that you send as image or a short video will be disappear by itself after seen for less than 10 seconds. Teenagers love this app because it is very easy to use and of course it is fun to exchanging silly pictures of them without having to worry about the image that will last a long time, although we are still able to take those temporary picture by using screenshots tools.

This self-destruct messagger feature often used by adults to commit sexting, exchanging messages with pictures and flirty. Teenagers with all the curiosity certainly vulnerable to this, if there was a beautiful girl who suddenly invites your child to make friends in snapchat, without thinking further maybe your child will accept it, then developing a further relationship with this stranger who did not they knew. This is done by Ryan Lee, he was posing as a girl and lure teenage boys to send pictures to be used for his own sexual gratification.

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There is a reason why snapchat limit the minimum age in order to use their applications. Mentioned when registering, you should at least be aged over 13 years old, to prevent briefly unsettled things like the above case. For children under the age of 13 years, snapchat provide alternative application that is called  Snapkidz where your child will still be able to use the photography feature, lenses, drawing, and the caption, but just keep it on their smartphone without uploading them to the internet. Photos taken using snapkidz can only be seen through their phone.

According to, Lee also messaged the boy from his own Snapchat account, and eventually persuaded him to exchange indecent images and videos. The boy later received a message stating that Lee still had the images and suggested that he was going to share the images. It was at this point that he told his parents, who called the police.
The suspect is now in jail with a sentence of 5 years, this case should be a lesson for parents that like the real world, the world of the Internet is also filled with the wicked and horrible persons. In addition to vigilance against sex offenders on the internet, as parents must provide awareness and knowledge to children about ethics, ordinances, and identity security in using the internet, because as we know that the internet has become part of our daily lives.

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