Peek: the best app to find celebrity snapchat usernames

Now you no longer need to trouble yourself to find snapchat username of celebrities who you like to follow, introducing Peek, brilliant app that will help you to find celebrities’s snapchat and follow their stories.

Internet and social media make the distance does not mean anything, the information is flowing very fast in just a few seconds the whole world will know your recent activities, of course if you are a famous people, an actor, musician, or the athletes, whatever your activities will be interesting to follow by the fans. Lately, more and more celebrities are starting to use snapchat as a medium to share moments to the fans, the messages – short message with selfie, pictures, or short videos feels more intimate. The celebrities typically use snapchat feature: snapchat story so their followers can follow them during the last 24 hours (snapchat story’s post only last for 24 hours).

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The problem is the username of someone on snapchat can not be known, for example Beyoncee with username Bey34jay which of course you do not expect when searching on snapchat (snapchat not provide the user lookup by name yet). If someone is using his real name for snapchat username then ut would be easier, like what was done by Queen Rihanna. You can only know the username of these celebrities if the celebrities itself publish it, so that the username is absolutely valid, not the fake account. If you know celebities usernames from mouth to mouth, it could not be verified that the account is valid, because you cannot preview what it’s snaps.

Find celebrity snapchat usernames by using Peek app

Introducing Peek: This application solves the problem when you are try to find the username of celebrities. By using this application you can see what is posted by celebrities so that you can know that it is not a fake account. Peek also clustering the celebrities accounts, TV Shows, and Brands based on several categories and interest that matches your taste. By using Peek, you do not have to open snapchat to follow their snapchat stories.

Find celebrity snapchat usernames by using Peek app

If on snapchat you can only see snaps in stories that available during the last 24 hours, then on Peek you can see snaps over and over again in more than 24 hours, so you will not miss anything if you do not open Peek for a few days, you could still view snapchat stories from your favorite artists which was posted a few days ago.

One thing that become a lacking is perhaps when you follow someone’s snapchat account on Peek, it does not mean you also have follow them on snapchat in the real time, even what you follow in Peek is their snapchat account. To follow the snapchat account those found in Peek, you can copy the username, and paste it on snapchat to add them.

download peek apps snapchat for iphoneYou can get Peek for free from here

Unfortunately this new application is available for iOS devices only: iPhone, iPad, and the families, you can get it through the iTunes. With so many Android users who also use snapchat, hopefully they will also soon release a version of the android app for Peek.

Peek has a design that you would like and easy to use, the following is a log changes to the latest version of Peek 2.0 as taken from iTunes:
1. We have a new name! We are now know as Peek
2. Following. You can now follow creators and stay up to date with every Snapchat Story they make
3. Design. We have a totally rad, new design we think you’ll love
4. Profiles. You can now see the full profiles of individual creators

Peek deserve more attention, share it to your friends so they will also find out how easily to find celebrity snapchat’s usernames by using Peek app.

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