What does PMOYS mean on Snapchat

Find out what does PMOYS mean on Snapchat. We will just tell you, PMOYS on Snapchat means Put Me On Your Story or Put Me On Your Snapchat. Next, we will explain why people use PMOYS, usage examples, and ideas.

Why people using PMOYS on Snapchat?
Popularity, recognition from others, maybe that is the reason why people ask to display their selfies on someone else’s Snapchat account. Apart from SFS, you can also try PMOYS to invite more audience and popularity. When someone sends snaps with the PMOYS as a tagline or caption, then they hope their snaps that might contain selfies can be reposted by others as Snaps or Stories.

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What does PMOYS mean on Snapchat, ideas, and example

PMOYS first appeared on the internet via Snapchat. PMOYS spreads so quickly on other social media along with other internet content that over time people start getting sick of it. For business owners, PMOYS can be used to promote their content or as support for their colleagues.

PMOYS example an ideas

  • Take a selfie with your Snapchat app, put your favorite filter, stickers, and anything.
  • Add a caption, type something like “yo, PMOYS me if you are my homie” or something like “PMOYS me to support my new single”.
  • Send as a snap to your friend, or publish it as a Story.
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PMOYS is almost similar to SFS, but maybe people use PMOYS more because they can use photo media or short videos. It’s up to you, which one you want to use to get more followers or friends on Snapchat.

so that’s an explanation of the meaning of PMOYS and why people use it on the Snapchat app, hopefully, you are no longer confused.


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