Download Rebuilt Snapchat Android app

Find out how to get and download the rebuilt Snapchat Android App. Snap has released the latest rebuilt Snapchat Android app. The rebuilt Snapchat Android app is claimed to be faster, less buggy, and more comfortable to use.

Since 2018, Snap has announced that they will rebuild their Snapchat Android application. Now the rebuilt Snapchat Android app has been officially released, and you can download it.

Starting from the many complaints from Android users who complained about the slow Snapchat app and other problems such as laggy or crashing, Snapchat decided to rebuild their Android app.

The rebuilding of the Snapchat Android app might take a while because they decided to completely rewrite the app from the ground. With a wide range of hardware, especially for cameras and processors, which means that different phones can have very different capabilities.

Visually there may not be much that changes because what is improved is its performance. Rebuilding the Snapchat Android app aims to make the app faster, less laggy, and less buggy than the old version. Starting with the opening of the application 20 percent faster than the old version. Motion control is also said to be smoother and faster loading times with new Snapchat features are also called to make users feel at home.

After the Snapchat Android app is rebuilt, Android users don’t need to wait a while when a new feature is released. Android users will be able to enjoy new features of Snapchat together at the same time with iPhone users. As we know, usually the new features of Snapchat are available for iOS users first. Android users have to wait for a while before they release it also on the Google Play Store.

How to get the rebuilt Snapchat Android app and unlock the special lens

To get the rebuilt Snapchat Android app, all you need to do is update your Snapchat app from Google Play Store. No need to worry, updating the Snapchat Android app will not reset your Snapchat account. You can still get all the chat, Streak, and Memories after updating the app.

To celebrate the release of the rebuilt Snapchat Android app, they release lenses or Snapchat filters. After you get the rebuilt version, you will get a message from Team Snapchat which is accompanied by a link to unlock the lenses.

After unlocking, you will get Snapchat AR Lenses. When you use a rear camera, you will get the Android logo and Snapchat ghost cycling around. If you point the camera up, above them there will be sparkling lights. When you use a front-facing camera, you will get a lens that will give a crown to your head with an Android logo and Snapchat ghost.

So that is how to get and download the rebuilt Snapchat Android app. What are you waiting for? immediately update your Snapchat Android app to get the faster Snapchat app, less laggy, and less buggy than the old version

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