How to record longer videos on Snapchat Android

Now, Android users finally can record Snapchat videos with a duration longer than 10 seconds. Let’s find out how to record Snapchat continuous video or multi snap on Android. Also find out why multi snap not working on Android. Also find out why multi snap not working on Android.

About two months ago iOS or iPhone users have been able to record longer videos on Snapchat app. After released multi snap feature for iPhone, now Snapchat make it available for Android users. Multi Snap allows Snapchatters to record longer video on Snapchat with continuous video.

How to record longer videos on Snapchat Android

Some of you may have tried the multi snap feature but it did not work. That’s because this feature comes first for iOS in July. The ability to record long videos is a new feature on Snapchat Android. First, you need to update your Snapchat app to the latest version to get all the new features and patch including continuous video or multi snap. Go to the Google Play Store to install the update. This also answers the question how to fix multi snap not working on android.

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How to make Snapchat videos longer on Android

Launch your Snapchat app and start record a video just like you always did. Keep holding the record button, it will creates multi snap after 10 seconds. A window will pop open at the bottom telling the user that the maximum length of the video has reached. You can only creates 6 videos at a time.

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The multi snap videos will appear in small windows right above the Record key. You can edit them one by one or delete one of them if there is a scene you do not want to upload. After that you can send the videos to your Story, Our Story or send them privately to your friends.

With the ability to record continuous video in Snapchat, now Android users can capture a lot more action in longer duration.

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