red vs purple on snapchat

In your snapchat‘s contact list there are may be several icons with particular colors and shapes. Among them are red and purple. Some users do not know the difference meanings of red and purple icons on snapchat. So, what is exactly the difference in red and purple box icons ?

The difference between red and purple box meanings on snapchat

There are two types of box icons in snapchat that located in the next to the username. Box icons with full color – the entire icon filled with color, and the box icon with a border color. Box icon with full color included in the category recieved icons indicating that your snaps are delivered. While the box icon with a border color has a meaning that your snaps has been sent.

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snapchat red square icon mean


snapchat purple square icon mean

Now we will talk about the differences in color. The issue is the difference in the meaning of red and purple on snapchat. For those of you who are not color blind can certainly distinguish between the two so that raises the question of what the intent of this red and purple icons.

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What do the snapchat icons next to names mean

Red icons on snapchat mean that the snaps (whether it is recieved or sent) are not containing a sound or audio, while purple icons mean that the snap are containing a sound or audio.

Well, i hope this short explanation on what is the difference and the meaning between red and purple box icons on snapchat help you to understand. Like and share so your frinds will also know about it.

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