Secret iPhone 7 Features on Snapchat

Find out what are secret iPhone 7 features and rumors. Jonathan Morrison, The latest Apple/Mac/Consumer Tech Reviewer answers all the curiosity of Apple fans through Snapchat.

The rumors of the iPhone 7 features have spread uncontrollably and Apple has not given any official statement to clarify those rumors. Apple fans are looking out for themselves about the truth of the rumors of iPhone 7 features, and here are some of them.

Secret iPhone 7 Features on Snapchat

Secret iPhone 7 Features on Snapchat

Headphone Jack, Circle Yes or No Apple
Everybody wants Apple to mix nix the headphone. Many Snapchat question ask to clarify this one. Well, if the iPhone headphone jack ceases to exist, lightening equipped ear pods or Bluetooth ear pods will replace it.

Snapchat for More Speakers
Many Snapchatter questioning about iPhone 7 has 4 speakers. According to the leaked case of iPhone 7, it showed speaker slits for both the top and bottom. But the camera may get in the way, so it may just a rumor, not gonna happen.

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An All Screen Display
Doing away with the chin and forehead of the iPhone screen has been a popular feature rumor. But an all screen display may not become reality until the iPhone 8.

Better Resolution for iPhone 7?
The next generation 7 may not be equipped with a more innovative resolution. The current retina HD resolution is pretty great, and if its not broke, don’t fix it.

Wireless Charging
One of the best features the 7 may flaunt could be wireless charging. Apple fans have been yearning for wireless charging forever. Rumors of a radius type wireless charger have been circulating, and this feature could boost those declining sales for sure. Since everyone hates plugging in.

Is OLED Even a Possibility?
Unfortunately for many 7 enthusiasts, OLED panels will probably not make it. Apple may be saving OLED panels for the launch of the iPhone 8. Especially since rumors of no 7s or 7 Plus generation have been heard.

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Launching a Baseline 32G
Many Apple fans believe that a 32G baseline model is overdue. Droves of people advocated for the 32G baseline model on Snapchat. The protests may have been successful. The iPhone 7 could be the first generation to launch the 32G. This 32G baseline will surely make fans rejoice.


So now maybe you have to get a little bit real picture of the iPhone 7, ignore the rumors circulating around, and not expecting something like 4 speakers or an all screen display.

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