Share location with friends on Snapchat

Find out how to share location with friends on Snapchat. Snapchat released a new feature that allows you to share location information. You can share location information via Snap Map to some friends you choose, everyone, or not share it at all. Using this feature, you can keep your privacy so that not everyone who follows you can know your whereabouts on the Snap Map. You can choose your friends or family that you only trust to know your location information.

The feature has been rolling out over the past few weeks to iOS and Android users, and most of its user base should now have it.

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how to share and request location to friends on snapchat

How to share and request location with friends on Snapchat

  • You need to update your Snapchat app to the latest version to get this feature.
  • Enable location service or GPS on your phone.
  • Open you Snapchat app, and go to the friends tab.
  • If you are in Ghost Mode or never visited Snap Map, your location will not shared unless you choose to allow it. Go to the Settings and turn on “Allow friends to request my location.” if you wish to share location with your friends.
  • Choose friends you want to share location with.
  • Long press on your friend’s name or tap on the hamburger menu in a chat thread.
  • You will see the options of sharing locations or requesting your friend’s locations on Snap Map.
  • The thumbnail of the map will appear in the chat. The map with your location will only appear for mutual friends.
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The location shared with your friend will only last for 8 hours since it shared. Whether the map has been opened or not, it will remain gone after 8 hours.

So that’s all you need to know about how to share location with friends on Snapchat, make sure your friends also know about it.

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