Snapchat 3D Friendmojis Lens

Snapchat released a new feature called 3D Friendmoji Lens. 3D Friendmoji Lens or filter allows you to use Bitmoji filters with your friend’s Bitmoji. Let’s find out how to use Snapchat 3D Friendmoji filter.

Let’s forget for a moment the controversy about the new layout of the Snapchat app. Maybe we can start enjoying to use Snapchat app. But you can still use the old version of Snapchat if you are not comfortable with the new layout.

A few days after releasing the new layout, Snapchat released 3D Friendmojis Lens or filter. You can create a 3D Snapchat Friendmoji in Bitmoji Deluxe version. You can create more realistic personal avatars in Snapchat World Lenses.

How to get and use Snapchat 3D Friendmojis Lens

How to use Snapchat 3D Friendmojis Lens

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  • First, you need to update your Snapchat app to the latest version, just to make sure you have all the new features. Check on Google Play Store or Apple App Store to get the update.
  • If you have not installed Bitmoji, follow the steps here to get Bitmoji and connect it to your Snapchat app.
  • Invite your friends on Snapchat to use Bitmoji as well. Chat one of them who already have a Bitmoji avatar.
  • Tap the capture button to open the camera screen. Switch to rear-facing camera. Tap the screen to open up the Friendmoji lenses or filters.
  • Choose one of the Friendmojis that you like and put them on the scene. You can direct your Friendmoji animation by scaling, moving or walking around the 3D experience.
  • You can take picture of it or record a video, when you are done, you can send your creations to other chat, save it to the Memories, or send them to your Story.
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Snapchat proves that they are still the best in the field of camera filter or lens. The release of Snapchat 3D Friendmojis is a way to convince Snapchat users to use the Snapchat app as a medium to socialize more with friends.

So that’s how to use Snapchat 3D Friendmojis. In order to use it, you must have friends on Snapchat who have used Bitmoji, so let them know about this lenses as well.


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