Snapchat alternative apps for windows phone

Until now, snapchat not available for windows phone yet. Some time ago, Windows phone users can still use third party app: 6snaps to be able to use snapchat on windows phone and interact with their snapchat friends that using iphone or android. But snapchat has blocked all unofficial third-party app so that if windows phone users are still using 6snaps, there is a possibility of their accounts will be blocked for security reasons.

Snapchat still think that windows phone is not a potential market for their applications to be released on XAP version for windows phone. A petition was also made at to encourage snapchat developer team to build snapchat for windows phone, but these efforts are still not well managed. Here we cover some alternative application for snapchat that can be used on windows phone. This apps have the same functionality as snapchat, which send self-destruct messages.

Best snapchat alternative apps for windows phone 8 and 10

Cyber Dust

cyber dust snapchat alternative app for windows 10

Cyber Dust has functions and features similar to snapchat. You can discover and meet new people from all over the world that has the same interest with you. Think of it as a secret social app with a way of meeting new people. The messages: picture, video, and location that you send will disappearing in secure enscription so it can not be traced on the local storage.

You can also create a group chat with up to 100 friends. Your profile are including picture, bio and website links. Cyber Dust also allows you to determine who is the stalker freak that take a screenshot of the message you send.

Cyber dust’s customer support is very concerned with the users, they really appreciate the opinions of users, so the Cyber Dust deserve to get the user more with features that are almost the same, only the names are not so popular, the windows phone users absolutely need to install and use it. Cyber Dust is compatible for Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Download Cyber Dust


Another chat messaging application that focuses on speed and security. Self destruct is one of the features offered by telegram. The message you send can set how long it will be lost. Telegram in my opinion is a chat messaging app that near to perfect and support cross platform. Far exceeding expectations as an alternative application for snapchat. Telegram is way more than snapchat.
download telegram snapchat windows phone alternative
Telegram is available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Desktop aplication is now a must for chat messaging apps, telegram also provides a free desktop app whether it web version and stand-along app that you can install to Mac Computer, Windows, and Linux that can synchronize with your mobile device in real time.

Other kick ass features of telegram is group chat, file transfer, cloud store to save your media, and channels, a new tool for broadcasting your messages to large audiences. I think you just have a lot of reasons to invite your friends to convert to a telegram.

Download Telegram

Alternative application is not as perfect as snapchat, but snapchat was also not perfect. People are already using snapchat everywhere, windows phone users feel excluded because they themselves were not using snapchat among the users of iPhone and Android. These apps alternative is worth to try and spreaded because of their unexpected features with better customer support.

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