Snapchat birthday filters

Don’t be sad on your birthday because no one remember it. Snapchat will give you a present and help your friends to remember your special day by giving you birthday filters.

Right now it is unlikely we can forget the birthday of our closest friends. Facebook will remind you with a notification when there is a friend who is celebrating a birthday today. Twitter also celebrate your birthday by adding animated flying balloon on your profile page on your birthday. Now Snapchat also do not want to miss celebrating your birthday, Snapchat present birthday filters that you can apply for only one day in a year, ie in your birthday.

How to get Snapchat birthday filters

First, you need to let Snapchat know your birth day. Update your Snapchat app to the latest version, then you need to enable this feature on Settings –> My Account, then tap on Birthday.

How to get Snapchat birthday filters

You need to confirm your birthday to make sure the information is correct, then tap okay

how to enable snapchat birtday filtersthat’s it.

Snapchat will also add a cake emoji next to your username in your birthday, it will let your friends know that today is your birthday. To apply your birthday filter is just like using any other lenses. After you take a picture, tap and hold on it and the birtday filter will show up. Send your picture to your friends or post it to your stories so everyone will notice it.snapchat birthday lens filter

Previously Snapchat also released on-demand Geofilters. You can use your own Geofilter for personal events such as your birthday party. Birthday filter and Birtday Geofilter, a nice combination to celebrating your special day.

Let your friends know about Snapchat birthday filters, make them enable the feature so you guys know each other’s birthday on Snapchat.

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