Snapchat Cameo

Snapchat Cameo allows you to paste your face in the video provided by Snapchat. Snapchat Cameo provides videos to fit just about any emotion. Let’s find out how to make and use Snapchat Cameo.

Snapchat Cameo is a new way to express your moods in a more pleasant way. The feature uses deep fake technology to map users ’faces onto video recordings or animations, which you can choose to express various moods or emotions.

How to create and use Snapchat Cameo

Without much ado, follow the steps below to create and use Snapchat Cameo

How to make Snapchat Cameo

  • Update your Snapchat app to the latest version. Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to get the update.
  • Open your Snapchat app, and select one of your friends who you want to send your Cameo video to.
  • On the keyboard screen, select the face icon next to the chat bar.
  • Take a selfie by selecting the Cameo icon at the bottom, the icon looks like a face silhouette with a plus sign.
  • Use the selfie camera to take a picture of your face. Make sure to put your face in the outline that appears on the screen.
  • After your face is taken, you can choose a filter or video to put your face in accordance with your mood.
  • To preview a Cameo before you send it, select one, tap ‘… More’ at the bottom, and tap ‘View Full Screen.’
  • To see more Cameo options, tap the category buttons at the bottom, or type to search.
  • You can customize the text in some Cameos, and you can even make two-person Cameos if your friend lets you use their selfie.
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The Cameos feature currently has 150 video options and Snapchat is going to release new Cameos every week. Awesome, right? So that’s how to make and use Snapchat Cameo.

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