Snapchat camera not working on Bluestacks

Your Snapchat camera on Bluestack not working? When you try to create a snap, it’s just a black screen that appears. How to fix or enable the Snapchat camera on Blustacks? as well as other alternatives for upload to Snapchat using Bluestack.

Bluestacks is android emulator to run play store’s app. You can find Snapchat and you can install it through Bluestacks so you can run Snapchat in windows pc or mac. Just to view snap messages or Snapchat story may not be a problem, but many will experience problems when taking a picture or video snap by using the laptop or computer webcam. Here are some solutions that we get from some places and alternatives you can do if Snapchat’s camera on Bluestacks still no hope.

How to Fix Snapchat Camera Not Working on Bluestacks

When you ask this question in, usually you will not get any useful help, they will suggest stupid solution like “have you tried to turn it off and on again” or “have you tried to uninstall and install again” which is not a solution.

First, what we need to know is whether the webcam can really be used in Bluestacks. Some say that Bluestacks does not support webcam, but in fact there is a camera feature on Bluestacks, they may not provide features camera if it turns out they do not support webcam for their app. In the official website of Bluestacks also contained instructions on how to use a webcam.

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So the problem may exist on your Windows computer. Make sure that your webcam is able to be used in other applications besides Bluestacks. If the problem is on your webcam, make sure you check for the driver, you may need to install or update the webcam driver and then make sure it is work in other applications besides Blustacks.

Once your webcam works fine in other applications, make sure your webcam camera is active on Bluestacks. To check this, open the Windows Registry on the section HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BlueStacks\Guests\Android\Config Change to the decimal, and then change the value, 1 is to turn it ON, and 0 is to turn it OFF, set it to 1.

snapchat camera not working on blustacks

how to fix snapchat camera on bluestacks

But not all of these Bluestacks camera settings is match to the different types of laptop brands, there are some camera that suitable so the webcam can be used as a regular camera for Snapchat on Bluestacks, and some are just show a black blank screen only. The solution to this is to try using another camera, and make sure the camera could work for other applications besides Snapchat on Bluestacks, you can use it on WhatsApp or Skype. If the webcam camera can be used in such applications, it means that the webcam can also be used in Snapchat.

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Another alternative to send a snap on Bluestacks

If all the steps taken for troubleshooting still not managed to make your camera work for Snapchat in Bluestacks, we offer another trick to send a picture or short video snaps on Bluestacks. In the latest update of snapchat, we can send snaps from the image gallery. You can send snaps using pictures you have taken earlier, we could take advantage of this feature.

Use the webcam on Bluestacks, on home-screen, click on ‘All Apps’ on the top-right corner.

sending a snap from bluestacks

Click on ‘Camera’ as marked below to launch the webcam.

how to upload a snap on bluestacks

If the windows that appears is still a black screen, forget the camera on BlueStacks, this is bull shit, use another app to take a picture or short video using your webcam, then save the file on your computer.

Open your Snapchat app on Bluestacks, and then follow this instructions: Snapchat photo from image gallery, follow the instructions for android, because Bluestacks is an Android emulator.

My final suggestion is to migrate to Andyroid, another Android emulator for PC. Andyroid is much slower than Bluestacks but according to Windows 10 user’s testimonial on, Andyroid can use the webcam to Snapchat.

If you know another solution to fix snapchat Camera on Bluestacks, please let us know and share to another fellow Bluestacks users that still in trouble.

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  1. Hello, in case some of you are wondering there is another thing you might try that might work. I was curious enough and start messing around to see if I could fix it. Whenever I use my web cam in a site Many Cams (which I downloaded awhile ago) is used as my default web cam application for some reason. I unistalled it and reinstalled it and Bluestacks’ camera started to work. So if you have an application for your webcam that is not your default web cam application then try uninstalling, opening bluestacks to see if it works then reinstalling it.

    If this works for you please try to spread the word if you can since many people have the same problem.


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