Snapchat camera not working on Bluestacks

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12 Responses

  1. Marius says:


    I tried to change the registry to 1 decimal, but it switches every time back to hex.

  2. Brad says:

    1 in hex and decimal is the exact same thing

  3. John says:

    Hello, in case some of you are wondering there is another thing you might try that might work. I was curious enough and start messing around to see if I could fix it. Whenever I use my web cam in a site Many Cams (which I downloaded awhile ago) is used as my default web cam application for some reason. I unistalled it and reinstalled it and Bluestacks’ camera started to work. So if you have an application for your webcam that is not your default web cam application then try uninstalling, opening bluestacks to see if it works then reinstalling it.

    If this works for you please try to spread the word if you can since many people have the same problem.

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