Snapchat Cats Filters

As we know, the cats have ruled the internet, this time they are invading Snapchat app. Let’s find out how to use Snapchat Filters for cats. Now you can invite your cat to take a selfie and put some Snapchat Filters or Lenses for your cat.

For the past few years, the internet has been flooded with funny pictures or videos about cats. We believe that cats are trying to take over the world, they start this movement through the internet. This time they might have succeeded in influencing Evan Spiegel to make some Snapchat filters or lenses for cats.

Through their official twitter, Snapchat announced the release of several filters or lenses dedicated to cats.

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How to use Snapchat Cats Filters

  • As always, make sure you have used the latest version of Snapchat app. Go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to get the updates. By Updating your Snapchat app, you will get all the latest features from the Snapchat app, including the cats filters or lenses.
  • Launch your Snapchat app and switch to front-facing camera.
  • Take your cat and face it to the camera screen.
  • Tap your cat’s face to pop up some cats lenses.
  • Take a picture or a video and post it to your Stories or other social media.
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How to use Snapchat Cats Filters

Now Snapchat filters can recognize your cat’s face. You can put your cat’s head on a slice of bread, or put on pretty pink glasses, etc. Previously, Snapchat was able to recognize dog faces. Snapchat must have understood that dogs drool and that cats reign, because cats are now officially own the Snapchat filters.

So that’s how to apply some Snapchat Filters to your cat’s face. Make sure your fellow cats lovers also know about this good news and flood the internet with Snapchat Cats Filters.

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