Snapchat college newspapers

Snapchat will soon add collage newspaper to one of its features, Snapchat Discover. Collage students will spend more of their time in Snapchat app this fall. Snapchat will release Campus Publisher Stories where collage newspaper can create content exclusively for Snapchat Discover which should look similar to the magazine-style editions.

Snapchat Collage Newspaper will have weekly editions and will only be available in Snapchat Discover within the school’s district and will feature ads. The earning from the ads will be shared between Snapchat and the college newspaper.

Snapchat college newspapers

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Snapchat started their college newspapers with four universities papers: The Daily Californian from UC Berkeley, The Battalion from Texas A & M, The Daily Orange from Syracuse and The Badger Herald from Wisconsin. Their first stories debuting later this week. Snap also plans to add more than two dozen total newspapers in the next three months.

Snapchat college newspapers will be geofenced so that they are only be available to users physically at each university. If you are living around Texas A & M, you cannot view the Snapchat college newspapers from The Daily Californian of UC Berkeley.

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“School newspapers play a critical role in informing and entertaining their campus communities, and they are often where the many leading journalists and editors that we work with got their start,” Snap wrote on its blog Friday


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