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Does Your Snapchat keeps saying could not refresh , please try again when you run the app to sending snaps, open up a message, or stories? Find out how to fix Snapchat could not refresh. Follow the steps below to fix Snapchat when it keeps saying could not refresh stories or snaps.

Snapchat “Could not Refresh” errors can happen for several reasons. Poor internet connection could be the reason why your Snapchat app keeps saying the message. Outdated Snapchat app can also be one cause Snapchat could not refresh. The most common is when Snapchat encounters server problems.

Based on some causes of Snapchat could not refresh above, we can give some solution to fix it.

How to fix Snapchat could not refresh

How to fix Snapchat “could not refresh, please try again later”

First, you must make sure that you are connected solidly to the internet connection. To make sure, switch between mobile data and WiFi to choose which one is the best to provide you a good internet connection. When your device is connected to a good internet connection, then there should be no problem in connecting to Snapchat server.

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If you are connected to a solid internet connection but you still got the error message, then you need to update your Snapchat app. We suggest you to reinstall your Snapchat app from Google Play Store or App Store to get the latest version of Snapchat app.

Now, you have a good internet connection, your Snapchat app is up-to-date, but your Snapchat app is still keeps saying could not refresh. This means the error is not on your internet connection or your Snapchat app. Snapchat may be having server problems so all users can not refresh stories or snaps. You may also not be able to send snaps. You may still be able to use the Snapchat app just to take picture with filter if you do not delete the app’s cache.

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All you need to do is just sit back and relax, wait for the announcement from Snapchat Support. Usually the server problem on snapchat happens at most for 3 hours, so you need not worry. The pending Snaps that failed to send during the error will be saved and you will be able to resend them when the server is up and running. Your Memories also will not disappear because the snapchat server is down.

When Snapchat finally overcame their server issues, usually you will be prompted to update your Snapchat app to fix Snapchat could not refresh.

So that’s how to fix Snapchat “could not refresh, please try again later” error. No need to panic, just wait until they fix it.

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  1. My Snapchat keeps saying “could not refresh” and I can’t see any of my friends story’s nor see any Snapchats I revived or send


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