Snapchat crashing when taking a picture

The following steps will guide you to fix Snapchat app keep crashing on Android device, especially when you take pictures to create a Snapchat post or story.

The main goal of social media applications, especially Snapchat, is to encourage more natural people interactions. However, this goal will certainly be disrupted if the app crashes frequently when it is used to take pictures.

There are several ways you can try to fix the Snapchat app on Android that often crashes when used. If the first fixes the problem, you don’t need to go to the next. But if the first method doesn’t work, you can try the next step, and so on until the problem is fixed.

How to fix Snapchat app keep crashing when taking a picture on Android

  • Check your Android OS version. If you’re using Android 4.3, then you need to update your phone’s operating system. According to their play store page, the Snapchat app requires Android 4.4 and up.
  • Reboot the app. The easiest way to fix almost any application including Snapchat is to turn it off and then turn it back on. This simple method can solve your problem immediately. If that doesn’t work, Snapchat even recommends restarting your Android phone as well.
  • Switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data. The crashing Snapchat app when taking a picture could be related to your internet connection. Try using another Wi-Fi network, find out if there is a problem with your internet connection.
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  • Clear Snapchat’s app cache. From your Android phone, go to Settings -> Apps, search and tap Snapchat, select Storage -> Clear cache -> Clear data, and then tap OK. This procedure will reset the app. You may lose your login information so you will need to log back in when you open the Snapchat app again. One more thing that matters is that the pictures and video created by the app in your phone’s local storage will be deleted, so make sure you have backed up the folder before performing this action.
  • Update the app. When was the last time you updated your Snapchat app? Snapchat often includes patches or fixes to older versions so updating the app can fix this problem immediately. To avoid this problem from happening again, make sure you enable auto-updates in the settings on the Google Play Store so that your Snapchat app will always be updated.
  • Uninstall the app from your phone, and download it again from Play Store. But first, you have to back up your Memories. Also, make sure you remember your username and password. If you forget it, make sure you have the recovery code, phone number, and email address used to register for Snapchat.
  • The final way is to contact Snapchat Customer Support to get help. Go to and follow the instructions to get help with this issue more closely.
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So that is how to fix the Snapchat app that keeps crashing when taking a picture. Hopefully one of the methods above will resolve the issue so that you can return to using the Snapchat app comfortably.

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