Snapchat Custom Stickers

Do you know if you can actually make your own custom Snapchat Stickers using scissors tool? Find out how to create custom Snapchat stickers directly or from camera roll.

  1. Update your Snapchat app to the latest version. Snapchat Custom Stickers available for both iPhone and Android. Go to Apple App Store or Google Play Store to update your Snapchat app to get all the latest features.
  2. Launch your Snapchat app, you can take a picture using the Snapchat app’s camera or using a picture from your camera roll to create Custom Stickers.
  3. If you are using a picture from camera roll, you need to edit the picture. Select a picture from your camera roll, tap the three vertical dots on the top right corner, and select Edit Snap.snapchat stickers from camera roll
  4. Select the Scissor icon from the creative tools and draw an outline around the object you want to turn it into your own Snapchat Custom to use snapchat scissors
  5. When you finished draw the outline around the object, it will popped out the duplication of the object, just like to make stickers on snapchat from camera roll
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Your custom stickers will be saved, you can use it anytime to your other snaps. You can access the custom stickers are stored on the Stickers drawers.

So that’s how to make Snapchat Custom Stickers, create your own one and share to your friends. You can use your custom sticker as your watermark. Don’t forget to also tell your friends how to do it.

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