Snapchat Desktop App for Windows and Mac

Snapchat bringing Snapchat AR experiences to the desktop. Snapchat released official desktop app for Windows and MAC. Yes, absolutely you can now use Snapchat Lenses on Windows Computer and Mac. Find out how to get and use Snapchat on PC and MAC.

Snapchat desktop app for Windows and MAC is called Snap Camera. Snap Camera is a free software from Snapchat designed for desktop use. Snap Camera allows you to experience the fun of using Snapchat Lenses or filters that can only be used on Android or iPhone.

How to get and use Snapchat Desktop App for Windows PC and Mac

How to get and use Snapchat Desktop for Windows PC and MAC

  • You do not need to login to your Snapchat account to use Snap Camera, so you don’t event need a Snapchat account. In fact, you can’t actually log in to Snapchat from the desktop app at all.
  • Download and install Snap Camera for Windows 10 or Mac. (See the download link below at the end of the article)
  • Go to the Control Panel and select Snap Camera as the camera output in a third-party desktop application.
  • You can connect Snap Camera and use it with your favorite video-sharing apps like Skype, Google Hangouts, YouTube, etc. 

How to get and use Snapchat Desktop for Windows PC and MAC

  • The Snap camera also equips Twitch broadcasters with extra features. You will have access to game-themed lenses for League of Legends, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, World of Warcraft and Overwatch.  Run Snap Camera, then you will be able to use Snapchat filters while streaming Fortnite or PUBG.
  • To choose Snapchat Lenses or filters on PC, useLens Explorer, or you can search using keywords.

  • Save the lenses that you like in the favorites section which is represented by a star icon.

  • You can also browse the lenses you’ve used most recently in a dedicated tab.

Snap Camera provides thousands of Snapchat Lenses or filters that you normally use on the Snapchat app on your phone. Apart from the lenses provided by Snap, you can also choose the lenses that have been submitted by the creators. 250,000 lenses have been submitted to date using Lens Studio, and collectively, they have been viewed 15 billion times. Snapchat tries to provide a distribution platform for creators to introduce their creations.

Snapchat doesn’t want to compete with other desktop software so Snap Camera doesn’t have its own user interface. Snap Camera will be integrated and synchronized with other live video recording software once its is installed.​

So that is how to download and use Snapchat desktop app or Snap Camera for Windows and MAC. Have fun with it and let your friends know about Snap Camera as well.

Snap Camera download link:

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