Snapchat download for BlackBerry 10

Good news for Blackberry users, now snapchat can be installed on BlackBerry devices. To install snapchat, you must use  BlackBerry 10 which support the apk file installation.

Snapchat download for BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 introduced an Android runtime layer, which allows users to install Android application on their BlackBerry. With this update from Blackberry, we will be able to install snapchat apk file.

Snapchat download and install for BlackBerry 10

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Below are the download link for Snapchat apk file for Blackberry. This Snapchat apk file are compatible for Blackberry Q5, Blackberry Z10, blackberry Q10.


5 thoughts on “Snapchat download for BlackBerry 10”

  1. thanks for the sanpchat file i appreciate your efforts.
    my blackberry Q5 installed this app successfully but i’m facing problem in sign up. because it says update your snapchat to signup. i guess it will work fine in sign in but can you please provide us an updated snapchat file. thanks in advance.


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