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Now you can run snapchat on your mac computer, this is also work for macbook and macbook air. Like we already know, snapchat only release official apps for iPhone / iPad, and Android. Unfortunately for Windows Phone there is no official app yet, but no worry for those who are not able to use snapchat on their smartphone, you can install it on your mac computer, whether it is Macbook, Macbook Air, or just Mac computer.

How to install snapchat on mac, macbook, and macbook air

The idea is to use some kind like android emulator to run snapchat’s android app, it’s called Bluestacks. Bluestacks is android emulator software that used to build for Windows PC, but they decided to make the mac version, so here we are, we will use Bluestacks to run snapchat on Mac. You can even log in to your google account, so you can download the apps that already you puchase. Bluestacks also claimed that they have been optimised to use Mac’s microphone, camera and Apple’s Retina displays as well as pinch-to-zoom gesture on the trackpad.

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Now first, you need to download Bluestacks, it is avaliable free to download from their official website.

download bluestacks to run snapchat on macSimply click download button to download the Bluestacks file for Mac.


how to install bluestacks on macMove the Bluestacks’s dmg file to “Applications” to install, then run it.


how to get snapchat on macClick on search


how to install snapchat on mac computerType “snapchat” and hit enter, once you find it, click on snapchat section.

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install snapchat on mac with bluestacksClick install button to install snapchat on Blustacks


running snapchat on mac with emulatorAnd now run it, go snaps your fellows.

Bluestacks is just an emulator for android apps, so maybe there is limitation on using snapchat on mac, maybe all the features are not functioning properly. But, still better than nothing right?

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  1. Mine crashes every time I open snapchat in it, It doesn’t crash Bluestacks, it crashes snapchat and goes back to the main Bluestacks home page


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