Snapchat download for nokia lumia

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18 Responses

  1. shahtaj says:

    I couldn’t download snap chat in my Lumia 1040! :/ I hate that thing!! ?

  2. tahsin says:

    I realllyyyyyy really really really really really really really want snap chat on my Nokia Lumia please make it happen please

  3. aidan says:

    How can I download Snapchat on my Nokia,

  4. brian says:

    Hope they wll fnall release snapchat for windows phone

  5. Bradley says:

    They need to hurry up an put snapchat on Windows phones

  6. ashley says:

    Have they made a snap chat for windows phone yet ???

  7. justplaaza says:

    Hey add me on Snapchat. Add for Add 🙂 Snapchat: justplaaza

  8. michelle etherington says:

    I really want snap chat on my Nokia Lumia 550 phone but can’t find it in my games store!

  9. liu says:

    I bought my new Nokia Lumia 640 XL and I can’t still,download snapchat,I just wanna know when will be able to download it ????

  10. hillary says:

    They haven’t made snap chat available on windows phone and also they need to make xender available for download

  11. John John says:

    I want snap chat help me connect with everyone else

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