Snapchat Download for Windows Phone 8 Free

snapchat download for windows phone 8

Snapchat Download for Windows Phone 8.

Update: Windows are already disable swapchat and other unofficial third party app, you might want to try these awesome snapchat alternative apps for Windows phone that even better.

Windows Phone has not yet released an official app for snapchat in windows. Snapchat client applications as an alternative such as 6Snap has been removed from the Windows Phone Store. Until some time ago, snapchat banned user accounts that using unauthorized applications from snapchat. While waiting for the release of the official application for Snapchat on windows phone 8, the following is a step by step to use snapchat on Windows Phone.

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It should be noted again that since there is no official application from snapchat for windows phone yet, it is still at risk that you will be banned because of using the the following way that i will explain.

How to use Snapchat on Windows Phone

1. Create new account and add your friends.
2. List your your phone for development for Windows Phone 8 to run this application. We use this to deploy Swapchat so it can run on your Windows Phone 8, please follow this link for further instructions.
3. Download and install Visual Studio here, Visual Studio has a trial period for 90 days, the installation process will be downloaded also the Windows Phone SDK.
4. If you have run the first step, then now you can deploy Swapchat. Download Swapchat XAP files here. For further instructions to deploy Swapchat, follow this link.

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Snapchat to run on Windows 8, we still have to wait for them to release an official application, so far Snapchat only be used for iphone and android. The above is an alternative way to use snapchat on windows phone 8.

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