Snapchat Face Swap Lens

A new Snapchat lens has arrived, it is face swap lens filter. You can swap your face with your friend, animal, your pet, or anything that has a face which is gonna be creepy, but it’s fun, so why don’t we try to do it.

How to Make Snapchat Face Swap Lens

Snapchat recently released a lot of updates like birthday filter and on-demand Geofilter. A few days later. Snapchat released a face swap lens. Every day there is always a new lens for Snapchat. Although paid Snapchat lenses fail to provide great provits for Snapchat so they shuted it down, Snapchat lenses still fun to do. We remember the first time they release Snapchat lenses with that weird rainbow puke face with big eyes, i think that is more creepy than cute or funny. Face swap lens is even much more creepy or scary if you take a picture with your pet or poster of Hitler. Here’s how to do it

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How to Make Snapchat Face Swap Lens

Whenever you hear anything new from Snapchat, you should immediately update your Snapchat app to go jump in the fun, so update your Snapchat app to use face swap lens.

Launch the Snapchat app and switch to front-facing camera, it’s a lot easier to do it while viewing your own face. Take your friend, pet, poster, or anything with a face beside you.

Tap and hold on the screen until the new lenses comes out. Choose the face swap lens, it’s two smiling faces and arrows. Now get both of your faces inside of the two smiley faces on the screen until your faces recognized and they will be swapped.

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There are some pictures from Snapchat users on twitter that already using this lens, check this out:

Don’t have a friend to make a selfie together? don’t mind

Having fun with your best friends

Wow, you guys looks identical

So what you waiting for? join the fun and share how to make Snapchat face swap lens with your friends

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  1. Hi,
    I use BlueStacks and got Snapchat on Google Play… however for some reason when I click and hold the screen, instead of recognizing my face, it just creates a white spiral around my mouse, and I can’t use any of the filters… can someone help me with this problem? Thanks!!


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