Snapchat Face Swap With Picture in Camera Roll

Good news for you, forever alone who has no friend to do face swap on Snapchat, Now you can do it the picture you have taken before from your camera roll. The picture could be a celebrity or your crush’s profil picture on facebook you have taken without permission. Anyway let’s find out how to do it.

Some time ago our social media’s feeds are filled with weird, funny, and sometimes creepy face swap pictures. It is one of Snapchat’s lens if you are curious how to do that. Face swap can be done with any object that can be detected as a face. Even you can do a face swap with your pet, poster, or a statue. Some times it is sad to see people do face swap with non-human object, we can assume that they has no friends to do face swap. But now you can do face swap with the picture you have taken before, so you just need to take a single selfie and choose the picture from your phone you want to swap the face with yours.

How to use Snapchat Face Swap with Picture in Camera Roll

First, you have to update your Snapchat app to the latest version just like every time Snapchat released a new feature. Check your Play Store’s app to update your Snapchat app, or App Store if you are using iPhone or iOS devices.

Take a selfie with your pretty full face, actually you don’t have to look pretty, because you face will be switched. Well take a selfie just like you always do, then tap or press and hold on your face until it detected your face and the lenses are coming out. Simply choose the lens next to face swap, the icon show a face swap with camera:

How to use Snapchat Face Swap with Picture in Camera Roll

Tips: Put the picture of the one you want to face swap with to your Camera roll folder, it usually on DCIM folder.

Here are some the madness of Snapchat Face Swap with picture.

Well i am sure her face is a lot prettier

All right, enough internet for today. Well try it your self and have fun with it and show it to your friends.

Let your homies know about this new update from Snapchat that now you can Face Swap with Picture in Camera Roll.

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