Snapchat filters not working

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  1. carl says:

    How can I download a snap chat on my windows phone

  2. sydnei says:

    I’m using a IPod 5, Red product, but the snapchat filters are working for me as well. Why? How do i fix them?

  3. Yvonne says:

    Hi, I updated my snapchat on my Lenovo s90a and my android version is 5.0. I can use lenses and filters in picture mode, and when I make videos, i can use lenses too but the only filters I find are the location and time filters. Why? Please can you help me fix this?

  4. Nikki says:

    I just got a new I phone 6 s, I have installed the latest version of snap chat it has let me add friends take normal pics but when I hold the screen for the filters to come up it does but just in loading mode and I have been trying this for 3 days now and getting very frustrated. I have plenty of data and even use wi fi so what is the problem? I know how to use snap chat as I had it on my last phone So it’s not like I don’t know what I’m doing. Help please

  5. Mandy says:

    I updated my snapchat but it still won’t show the filters and am using a samsung galaxy note 4

  6. seyah says:

    Hi I have a Sony xperia on and I updated my snapchat but the filters wont work. Why?

  7. Annon says:

    I have android version 4.4.2 will it work ? plus in the the settings –> manage it shows filters setting but when I tap on my face it dosent work . And I should tap on my face after taking a pic or I should tap on my face whist adjusting the camera . ?????? IM NEW AND CLUELESS .

  8. Meena says:

    My bee snap chat filter isn’t working. I have an htc 1 m8. I cleared the data, unistalled, reinstalled, and have my location on and repeated that process and tried it multiple times, but it still doesn’t work πŸ™ please help me

  9. Teni says:

    When I want to make a video using the filters the sound doesn’t come up what do I do.
    I use an iPad

  10. Newbie says:

    Help!!! My Snapchat will NOT detect my face!!! I am using tablet, I don’t understand why it’s not working as I have used Snapchat on my friends phones before. Also, my additional services is different to the defaukt ones shown on the Internet. I so not have the filter option and the front flash. I have already sent an email and I am waiting for a response. Please help!

    • Newbie says:

      I have wifi and internet. I hold on my face and waitf or the mesh thing that needsnever appears. It’s very frustrating. I have reinstalled the app. I use selfie mode.

  11. Rabab says:

    Hi, I have an S5. All the filters seem to work just fine except when I make videos. Even then I’m getting some of the filters. But I don’t seem to have the slowmo and other such features where you either speed up the pace or make the video backwards.
    Can you help me out ?

    • admin says:

      have you try to remove your Snapchat app and install it again?

      • Rucheer says:

        Even I have the same problem and voice changer doesn’t work for me
        I uninstalled installed again reset my phone still it doesn’t work for me.

    • boubou says:

      The same problem on my samsung note 4. I only have city /temperature/time /… filters on my snapchat videos but the fast/rewind/slowmo filters dont exist

  12. Cash says:

    I gotta iphone 4s and i still cant use the lenses

  13. Ksanet says:

    My video filter aren’t working specially the speeding and slowing and Colors too but almost everything comes.

  14. Sheila says:

    I can’t get the link that is sent to your email to download data to work??

  15. @actingdramaquen says:

    I literally updated snapchat yesterday and after the update I went back on and went to the filters. The filters work but after I tap the camera to take the picture it just blacks my screen and goes to home screen. I have iPod 5g. Also as I said earlier I updated snapchat yesterday and now it’s asking me to update agAin.

  16. Dmia says:

    is snapchat filters work if i use lenovo phone???

  17. Hira says:

    I have honor 3c and i have tried alot many times. But the 3D filters are not coming on my screen. When i press on my face the back camera opens.

  18. Annie says:

    My filters show up but when I push it hold the button for a picture or video with a filter, it does nothing. Takes pictures & videos without filters but not with them.

  19. Julia says:

    Is snapchat filters specially the dog filter work if i use Samsung Galaxy Note 1?

  20. Billie DeLuca says:

    I can get the bee face to work but the voice doesn’t change. I have a droid turbo

  21. Jayne says:

    The voice changer is not working. I have a galaxy note 3. And yes…i have uninstalled & reinstalled snapchat. Please tell me how to fix this.

  22. kahia says:

    My snapchat only shows one filter why?

  23. Kenneth Emmons says:

    I have a galexy note 2 when i try to record a vid it says i can not rec. With lenes what can i do to fix it

  24. Stephanie says:

    Hi I have a Samsung Note 3 & my voice changer will not work. What can I do to get this resolved. I’ve tried everything…. Please someone help me


  25. Katy says:

    How come my try with a friend isnt working. It only detects my face and not the other person? Can any one help me?

  26. Calia says:

    My snapchat worked perfectly before. But now every time I hold down on my face it just doesn’t do anything. HELLLLLP😩😫

  27. boubou says:

    And like other users, the voice effects doesnt work too with special filters that change voice on my samsung note 4 ( last update snapchat and android version)

  28. Laurie says:

    I have Samsung 3 I have reinstalled it about 4 times and it will not recognize my face. I have held it for about a minute and still doesn’t. Please help. I have even called my cell carrier.

  29. Tay says:

    My bee voice changer doesn’t work. The bee filter shows up but my voice doesnt change. It used to work on my samsung galaxy core but i got a new phone. lG G 3 and it is not working . any advice?

  30. Valerie says:

    GS6 Active, updated to the latest Snapchat. I’m trying to use filters with the rear- facing camera (a friend of mine was using it on their cat). The only thing I see is a rotating circle and the camera will constantly refocus instead.

  31. Vida says:

    Hi, my filters all show nicely but the voice changer does not work. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version, I have rebooted my phone, it worked once after this but not again… what should I do?

  32. Zubbey says:

    When i record videos…i cant use filters but when i snap i can,why?

  33. Jessica Harner says:

    the app suddenly wont let me take videos while on the filter set up.. it has always let me then all of a sudden today it says oops! recording video with lenses is not supported on your device… can some one tell me what i accedently did to make it do this? please help!

  34. Arooba says:

    I have s4 android 4.4.2 my snapchat filters and lenses are showing for pictures but when I try the video it doesn’t support it. This happens after the update I even tried installing an older version but it’s not working

  35. Shannon says:

    I just bought a new phone and the videos were working perfectly fine up until last night. I am able to take videos without filters but not with them. There is a message saying lenses are not supported. But it has been working fine up until now? I can access the filters and take photos but no videos. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and clearing my data. Please help!!

  36. Lenis says:

    Hey i use a Samsung galaxy table e and whenever i try to take a video using filters it says its not supported on my device is it too old?

  37. Jack says:

    can i use that famous dog filter on any existing video? :/

  38. Zulfa Hendricks says:

    Hi. I have huawei p8. My voice changer filters does not change my voice. The bee appears but still in my own voice. Please help

  39. Maddie says:

    I have an LG G3. I don’t have the option on Snapchat to slow down or speed up the video, and the bee filter works but does NOT change the voice. I’ve reinstalled the app and checked for a system update. Doesn’t seem to be fixing my problem. Any advice?

  40. Robert Burton says:

    I have an xperia z1 phone and none of the voice changer filters work

  41. Amy says:

    I have an android. The filters and voice changers were working fine two days ago, but yesterday I realized that even though the filters are still working, the voice changers are not. The bee, deer, and old man didn’t change me voice at all. I updated, uninstalled, reinstalled, cleared storage and data. It’s just the voice changer and it’s so annoying. I wrote to Snapchat, but they haven’t replied. Thanks!

  42. Deana says:

    I also have a droid turbo, have updated, uninstalled, reinstalled several times, and none if the voice changer filters are working. Does not change my voice. Very frustrating.

  43. Logan says:

    Snapchat filters are not working. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab and filters don’t come up at all. On my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone, as soon as I get the filters to come up, the whole app shuts down. I have deleted and reinstalled snapchat on both devices and have no change in the apps performance.

  44. Juvie says:

    I have a Samsung galaxy tab 4 and I have updated my snapchat and I’m still not able to get the filters what is wrong exactly when I tap and hold the camera flips

  45. Rania says:

    I have samsung tab e.. i just make selfies from snapchat filters ,, but when i tried to make videos … they said your device are not dupported with lenses …. my android bersion is 4.4.4

  46. ayeesha says:

    My voice changer doesn’t work for any effect i have tried uninstalling and installing it 3 times what do i do im furstrated

    • Celeste says:

      I have tried the same and my voice changer doesnt work either. I installed on my Ipad and it the voice changer works fine. I have a Galaxy S5 and I’m starting to think the voice changer isn’t doesn’t work with Samsungs.

  47. Fizzah says:

    My snapchat filters load but they dont appear ? Ive got enough memeory n space on fone

  48. therese says:

    my phone is an iphone5s and all the filters wont work, it always on a loading status

  49. Paige says:

    My snap chat filters won’t work on my note3

  50. chukwurah chidinma says:

    plzz help my snapchat,doesnt detect my face for the new filters i have a tecno h7

  51. Iffy says:

    Hiii My Snapchat filters are working but the voice changer isn’t :/ is there anything I could do about it ?

  52. hil says:

    my HTC does not show filtres…and i really need those filtres for fun

  53. Melissa says:

    My filters worked just fine until updated…i have the newest android and fast wifi. Unsure what is happening. The voice changers were my fave. Especially the bears. Please help.

  54. Carolina says:

    The voicechanger won’t work. The filter works fine and the video cones out fine as well but it won’t change the voice on the ones that should.

  55. Ifra says:

    My bee filter is not working with the sound.. What should I do? Help me out

  56. Heather says:

    I have a Note3 and the voice changer doesn’t work on the filters. I have updated. I have deleted and reinstalled. What can I do.

  57. Lisa says:

    I noticed you skipped the voice changer part not working. Mine also will not change the voice on the voice changer ones. It used to work. .?

  58. haniya says:

    Im using a samsung galaxy s3 why isn’t it working

  59. she says:

    Hello well can sb help me?my phone is a galaxy j5 but it doesn’t work with voice changer…sb help me please?

  60. sadia says:

    the filters work on my phone but it wont let me record. I have a samsung s4 i unstall it and restall it again stil wont let me record.and i updated it aswell still nothing

  61. Usha Gurung says:

    Hello! My snapchat was working all good but recently, I cannot record videos with filters. But I can take pictures with it.
    I have updated everything in my phone- Samsung Galaxy A7.
    Please do help me πŸ™

  62. dorcas says:

    I’m using a Samsung Galaxy core prime and I used to video with lenses but now it keeps telling me oops! its not supported by my device, what do I do about it?

  63. Sara says:

    I cannot get the voicechanger to work. I’ve got the latest updates. What am I missing?

  64. Eva says:

    The voice charger is not working on my phone. I have a ZTE. Can someone help? I already uninstall and reinstalled the app.

  65. Kassandra says:

    Hi! My snapchat filters do appear but when I try to use them on video instead of recording it stays as if I had taken a picture, I tried recording without the filters and it works.
    I uninstalled the app and installed it again and it didn’t work so I don’t know what to do.

  66. fatee says:

    My snapchat will not detect my face!I use a tablet version 4.4.2,would it work?

  67. Mel says:

    My voice changer filter not working have updated phone and app, have also restarted phone uninstalled and re installed snap chat the character shows up but just won’t change my voice I have no other troubles with any other filter just all the voice changer one??

  68. Selena says:

    I just got this update and I tried again and again to try and use the filters. Why is it not working. I have tried all of the above to fix the problem but it still, wont work. What is the deal with this thing.

  69. Donna Lewis says:

    For the past 2 days my filters are not loading and after updating app yesterday the pics I’ve taken over the past week are gone.

  70. Manan says:

    Hi Sir bee Filter not show in My Filter list i have a Iphone 6

  71. Eludiastar says:


    I updated my Snapchat app on 22nd Sept 2016 on my iPad. And I no longer have any filters! Although all my friends say they do? What’s going on??

  72. Lupita says:

    I have a Samsung galaxy s4 and it does work using the filters or lenses to take a photo. But when I want to record WITH the filters or lenses its says “oops your camera lenses is not supported by your device”. I already updated snapchat, i already went to settings and check whats wrong with it but i can’t find anything. PLEASE ANSWER QUICK

  73. Ben says:

    Well, my filters are not selecting my face or any other face. Instead it is going straigh to showing the filter selection bar, even when i choose one it doesnt work then either. Please help its been like this for a few weeks, maybe a month.

  74. ene says:

    hi, i always do video but when i add to my story it comes out blank. i dont see anything.
    please help me what can i do for me and my contact to be able to view my video. thank you

  75. Nicole says:

    Why in the world is my voice changer NOT working? I’ve been doing a lot of research… have uninstalled then reinstalled… updated as many times as I can… restarted my phone…. and it still won’t work. I’m getting SO irritated.

  76. Jaye says:

    I have the same problem some folks are having. Everything’s up to date, un-installed, re-installed and my voice changer won’t work. It worked fine for the longest time and then one day it just stopped working. Everything else works fine. I have a Galaxy 4. I’ve also sent several help requests from the snapchat app and never got a response.

  77. Jillian says:

    My trouble is with the voice change filter it let’s me choose it but doesn’t change the sound of my voice.. I have updated and have a Alcatel idol with android..

  78. ll says:

    I have recently downloaded snapchat onto my samsung s4 mini .The filters don’t work when I hold down while on selfie cam, it doesn’t detect my face. I have already uninstalled/installed numerous times and emptied cache but it still doesn’t work.

    • admin says:

      are you already enable the filter? and make sure you have Android 4.3 or later because Snapchat lenses requires Android 4.3 or later for Android devices. Even with the latest updates, some users report that the feature still will not work.

  79. randi says:

    I have a galaxy note 3 everything updated on snap chat but my voice changer will not work.. how do I make it work

  80. Kasside says:

    I have a LG 3 and It will not change my voice

  81. riya says:

    hi… i am using redmi 3s prime and i am unable to take videos with filters…
    bt without filters i am able to take videos bt it doesnt record videos with filter instead it takes picture

  82. luna says:

    I am using Galaxy s3 i updated my snap chat the filters are appearing and i can take a selfie with them but when i want to make a video it tells you can not make it. and it was working when i did not updated

  83. Momina khan says:

    Hi, all my filters work fine but the voice changing one’s don’t change my voice in the video… What should i do? HELP! πŸ™

  84. Sarah says:

    Snapchat videp voice changers don’t work for me. I’ve updated, reinstalled…..etc. They never work. I have android 6.0

  85. kya says:

    I have Android 4.4.2 KitKat and on my phone the filters work but on some of them when i just test them out or record it, it glitches up (lenses). Also when i use more than one filter (lenses) it force closes the app, help????

  86. Tanya says:

    I just updated my snapchat & now I only have one filter. I have an iPhone 6s

  87. indy says:

    Im using an Samsung galaxy s4 I have updated uninstalled and reinstalled but still connot get filters

  88. l says:

    Hi My snapchat only shows one filter and I have uninstalled and installed it again and restarted my iphone but still all of them do not appear why?

  89. Becky says:

    I have iPhone 6s I just done the update of Snapchat app which popped up today. Now I only have 1 filter!

  90. Abbey says:

    I updated to th latest version and now only have 1 filter. What do I do?

  91. Clair says:

    I’ve updated my iPhone to iOS 10 today and now I only have 1 filter?? I’ve re installed the app and turned the phone off but still it won’t bring the filters back! Please help!!

  92. Tylicia says:

    I have the 1phone SE, Snapchat was updated today and now I only have one snapchat filter? It was working fine yesterday what could be the problem?

  93. Clair says:

    My filters have vanished! I just have one?
    Please help! I’ve reinstalled the app and switched my phone off, nothing is working 😩

  94. Zana says:

    I have iphone 5se and i have been using snap filters normaly, but today i only have one filter avaliable. I tried reinstaling the app and restarting my phone and nothing has changed. What is the problem?

  95. Amber says:

    umm… only one snapchat filter is showing but the rest are not. Its only not working on my iphoneSE. on the iphone 6S its working

  96. Shannon says:

    I have an iphone 6s currently up to date with updates. I updated snapchat this morning and now when I go to the filters there is only one option showing up. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and still the same results. What am I doing wrong? How do i get the filter options back?

  97. Martini says:

    Hi there, updated SnapChat to latest version( iphone6), I have only one lens/filter available!
    I reinstalled the snachat again, but still only one filter available? help!!!!! πŸ™‚

  98. Katherine says:

    I have the iphone 6 and my phone updated snapchat to the newest update 9.41 or whatever it is . I checked my snapchat and ALL the snapchat lenses are gone expect for ONE!!! How do i get them all back!!! Please help me..

  99. memtigers says:

    Hi! I logged out of my snapchat because it wasn’t working at top notch, and when I got back in I only have one snapchat edit. I don’t even have like the classic puppy dog face.

  100. punkasscrush says:

    only one of my face filters are working but none else are appearing

  101. Shivam says:

    my snapchat closes automatically when filters are loading

  102. Neha Anjum says:

    I’ve tried twice and thrice of uninstalling reinstalling and updates ..but filters doesn’t show up..I tap and hold on my face on selfie…but I don’t get any filters… I’m using micromax A102…please help me

    • admin says:

      Lenses are supported on most devices with Android 4.3 and above. Try tapping the screen once to reveal Lenses instead of pressing & holding. Also make sure you’re getting the most out of Snapchat by enabling some of our Additional Services. Go to Settings, tap on ‘Manage’ under ‘Additional Services’, and enable filters.

  103. Amy says:

    Hi! My voice changer is not working. I recently changed sim cards but I don’t know if that is effecting it. I also tried deleting and reinstalling the app. I have a Samsung 4 but using android version 5.0.1. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • admin says:

      hello, i think changing the SIM cards nothing to do with it, have you try updating your snapchat app?

  104. Kris says:

    I have access to the filters, and can take video and everything, but the voice changer ones don’t change my voice at all. I have uninstalled, and re0installed, so should be updated….

  105. Raja says:

    So basically i get several pics the same in my camera roll… and i always have to go back and start deleting them… please fix this issue… it’s really annoying… thank you

  106. mann isha says:

    my voice is not changing in snapchat…I have its latest version..what should i do???

  107. Amber says:

    Everything works but the voice part

  108. TYANNA says:

    I see the different but my voice doesnt change. How do i go about fixing this? Please help

  109. animisha says:

    I’m not able to take videos with the Snapchat filters. I’m able to take videos normally but let’s say I usebthe diggy filter I’m not able to record a video I’m only able to take a picture

  110. Tiffany says:

    I need help with my snap chat , it won’t let me do the faces. I have no idea why it isn’t doing it . Please help me out with it !!!!πŸ˜‡β˜Ί

  111. Marisa says:

    My voice changers used to work, but now they don’t. I’ve tried deleting and redownloading, and they won’t work. I have no idea what version worked, so I can’t download an older version. Has anyone gotten a fix to this problem, I see lots of people have this issue….

  112. Heather says:

    I have a Note3 and I can’t get the voice changer to work. I update it regularly. All the other filters work just not the voice changer.

  113. Mackeena says:

    My snapchat is only showing some filters, the doggy filter, flower crown and other filters are not there. I updated my recently, the October update + reinstalled it too. How can I get the back? I have ipod5.

  114. King sumptuous says:

    My phantom 6+ is not displaying filter

  115. Lerissa says:

    Thanks for help ❀

  116. Hanrong says:

    are the samsung galaxy j5 support for the location filter ?

  117. Margret says:

    My Snapchat lens are not working been trying it for days now still not working ,I just got a iphone6 not working

  118. Debbie says:

    I have tried all the solutions above
    It’s not still showing the filters

    • admin says:

      have you try to update your Android or iOS version? there are minimum requirement of OS version in order to able to use Snapchat filters. On iOS, Lenses of filters are supported on iPhone 4S, iPod 5th generation, iPad 2nd generation, and Original iPad Mini devices and above. On Android, Lenses are supported on most devices with Android 4.3 and above.

  119. Alvin says:

    my filters are not coming but I hold and press my screen but still it isn’t working

  120. Queen tee says:

    I downloaded snapchat on my Samsung galaxy tab 4
    it’s showing the filters but they are not working.

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