Snapchat for kindle and fire phone 2015

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  1. steph says:

    do everything right… still cant use google play can anyone help?

    • admin says:

      what’s your device? fire phone or kindle?

    • brad says:

      1. First you’ll need to download an app in the appstore called “Advanced Permissions Manager”.
      2. You wanna download the usual Account Manager > then Google Play Services 7.0.99 > then Google Services Framework > then Google Play Store 5.4.12.
      3. As soon as you sign into Google Play Store, you wanna go into settings and turn off “App Installation” so the Google Services doesn’t update.
      4. Go on the app you downloaded in step one called “Advanced Permissions Manager”, then go to All Apps > SnapChat > then uncheck “find accounts on the device” (located under “Your accounts”).
      5. Push Save & Re-Install. (May need to hit uninstall and install again on the window that might pop up, if nothing pops up then ignore these parenthesis.)
      6. Hold the power button for about 5 seconds and hit restart.
      7. Once you load back up and try SnapChat, it shouldn’t ask you to update Google Services and will let you sign in as usual.

  2. brandon says:

    i did it all right and have the store and got snap chat it wont let me log in or create a new one any idea’s?

  3. brandon says:

    it also just says verrifying device when i log into snapchat

  4. kathy says:

    When I clicked on play store it won’t work.

  5. bilal says:

    I have fire phone and m having the same problem

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