Snapchat for windows phone 2015

Windows phone users can still use snapchat app on their phone, even though there has been no official application from snapchat for windows phone, and previously there are many windows phone users are banned by snapchat for using unofficial third-party app to use snapchat.

Swapchat is snapchat app for windows phone which until today in the mid-2015 can still be used by windows phone users to access snapchat.

Snapchat for windows phone 2015

Update: Windows are already disable swapchat and other unofficial third party app, you might want to try these awesome snapchat alternative apps for Windows phone that even better.

To use snapchat on windows phone, we will use swapchat. First you must have an snapchat account and add your friends. Here is how to install swapchat on windows phone that works for me.

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Unlock your windows phone

Plug in your windows phone to your computer, unlock your windows phone with Windows Phone Developer Registration Tool, you will need a microsoft account to do it, register here if you don’t have microsoft account.

Download and install Windows SDK for Windows 8.1 . Check out this detail instruction from microsoft to unlock and register your phone. Once you install the Windows SDK, you can search it on your desktop by typing “Windows Phone Developer Registration Tool”. This tool will read your device on the status, so make sure to turn on you phone.

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how to unlock windows phone to install snapchat

Deploy Swapchat to your windows phone

If you are already install the windows sdk, search this tool by typing “Application Deployment”, this tool is a stand-alone app that is installed when you install the Windows Phone SDK. (Source)

how to deploy snapchat on windows phone

The target will be “device” if your device are still connected to your computer. XAP is the installer file for swapchat, you can download it here, but you need to login to your microsoft account first. Click “Deploy” and the swapchat will be installed to your windows phone.

Leave your comment if you find out it difficult to install snapchat for windows phone 2015, share to your fellow windows phone user if you are successfully install snapchat on your phone.

4 thoughts on “Snapchat for windows phone 2015”

  1. I tried this getting the sdk standalone but when searching for the tools they couldn’t be found, so I am currently getting the visual studio hopefully that will have the right tools

  2. Vert good, i suceeded to install it on my windows phone but when I want to login (with a confirmed account) : “Login failed, network error” and it’s the same if I try to create a new account, what can I do ?

    • i’am sorry but i think snapchat is blocking all unofficial third party app, including swapchat, we can just wait for the official app from snapchat to be released for windows phone


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