Snapchat front-facing flash not working

If you have updated your snapchat app on yesterday (January 20th, 2016) and then you might have a problem with the front facing camera flash that does not work when you take a selfie picture or short video. You are not alone in this, many other users also experienced the same thing, then how to fix this snapchat front flash not working?

When an application provide the latest update, what we expect is a patch, bugs fixes, or some additional features, but sometimes an update actually even cause problems. For example when they try to add something to a feature, other features become problematic. This is what sometimes happens to snapchat, this time the problem is the front facing flash camera. When you take a photo, the result will be grainy and difficult to know what pictures you take, and when you take a video, the front facing flash is not working at all.

How to fix Snapchat front flash not working on Android and iPhone

Snapchat’s front-facing flash is one of the additional features that take advantage of the screen’s brightness to take pictures with the rear camera in low-light situation. Snapchat can access the screen brightness settings and makes it maximum so that it becomes like a flash light camera for a moment.

What if this front flash is not working? first, you have to make sure that you are already enable it. To enable Snapchat’s front-facing flash, go to the snapchat settings by tapping the gear icon on the top right when you launch the Snapchat app. Go to Additional Services section and then tap manage.

how to enable front-facing flash on snapchat
Check the Front-Facing Flash option to enable the feature

how to fix front-facing flash not working on snapchatNow the front-facing flash should be working because you have enable it, but what if it’s still not working? Based on complaints from snapchat users on twitter, they can not use the front-facing flash after they update it, the problem is the latest update of snapchat, then why do not we downgrade our snapchat app to the earlier version that can still work properly.

To install the old version of Snapchat, you have to install it from the apk file, not from play store. First you need to uninstall Snapchat from your version, the go to Settings (Phone Settings) –> Security –> check on “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources”. Then dowload Snapchat APK (Updated: December 18, 2015). Simply tap on the apk file to install once you download it.

Download Snapchat APK

Change log:
Story Replies
Swipe up while watching a friend’s Story to send them a quick chat. They’ll see your chat, plus the Snap you’re talking about.
Improved Lenses
Lenses now work with your device’s rear-facing camera! Just press and hold on a face to use Lenses.

Simply tap on the apk file to install once you download it. Although by downgrade to the earlier version of snapchat could make front-facing flash back to work, this is only temporary while we wait for the latest update from snapchat to fix this problem. With so many users’s complains, I think snapchat’s team is working this out now. Once the update is available, uninstall the snapchat that you install from this apk file and then install snapchat from the play store.

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